General Updates

Neo had a footprint at Paris Blockchain Week, with founder Da Hongfei delivering a presentation about recent advancements in Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, and predicting the evolving trends in blockchain technology. Additionally, t-shirts embedded with ITEM Systems non-fungible item chips were given away at the Neo booth. Participants could express their artistic flair by customizing the shirt with fabric markers and assigning on-chain traits such as a photo and artist name to its digital counterpart.

AxLabs shared a tweet thread about the Neo booth at Paris Blockchain Week, showcasing the booth’s setup, visitors’ activity, and the types of conversations attendees had with community members on hand.

Neo founder Da Hongfei was featured in the Crypto Hipster podcast on an episode entitled “How the Web3 sector can combat the pertinent and costly issue of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV).” Topics of discussion included Da’s journey into blockchain, the genesis of Neo, toxic MEV, attracting developers, and more.

FrankCoin hosted a livestream to showcase the Pixudi and World of Elements games, and to distribute NEP-17 token rewards to active viewers.

Battle Hard founder Digibyte put forth a conversation on the Neo sub-Reddit to seek input and insight about submitting a proposal for a second round of GrantShares funding.

Poly Network suspended its Poly Bridge cross-chain services on April 10, citing market conditions and a thorough evaluation of service offerings. While the project’s self-hosted bridge might no longer be accessible, it intends to assist with projects maintaining front-end user interfaces leveraging Poly Network’s back-end infrastructure.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking fund for Week 14 of 2024, noting a total value of approximately US $12.68 million, total minting rewards of $6 million, and total trading fee rewards of $1.1 million.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released a video update for February and March 2024, which noted NeoGo updates, progress the Bane Labs team has made on Neo X, new NeoFS products, and much more.

NNT Catch Up

NNT published an overview of World of Elements, a 2D role-playing game built by long-time ecosystem community member, Frank. In the game, players journey through the world of Elementia, completing quests and battling enemies, with the opportunity to claim rewards on the Neo blockchain as they progress. Alongside the RPG, the article delves into the FrankCoin ecosystem, including the NEP-17 FRANK token, NFTs, airdrops, and GrantShares activity.

NNT aired Episode 61 of The Smart Economy Podcast featuring Jon Trask, the founder and CEO of Dimitra, an AgTech company that leverages cutting-edge technology to help farmers increase yields, reduce expenses, and mitigate risks. Topics of discussion include how Dimitra leverages blockchain to empower farmers, the various technologies integrated by the Dimitra Platform, Dimitra’s analytics value to governments and banks, the immediate impact of Dimitra’s technology on multiple stakeholders, on-chain deforestation-related transactions estimates, use cases and learning opportunities for farmers through the Dimitra application, and more.

NNT hosted Crypto Coffee and Blockchain Beer Spaces #14 on the Smart Economy Podcast X, with guest co-host Unlocking the Chain. The Space faced technical difficulties, so the majority of the event was not recorded. Topics of discussion included long-standing token holders breaking silence and participating in Neo-oriented social posts, the Neo booth non-fungible item activation at PBW 2024, looming approval of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong, Neo data on nDapp, and the forthcoming UTC token.

Neo announced it is partnering with Tria, a “consumer-first” Layer 1 blockchain, which aims to revolutionize user experience with network and native token abstractions. The Tria team aims to provide a highly abstracted and aggregated service, enabling users to manage a wallet with a single password, transact across different blockchains seamlessly, and access a wide range of Web3 applications without the need for navigating through complex processes. Following an investment from Neo, Tria has completed its integration on the Neo X TestNet and will launch on MainNet. This will allow Neo X dApps to leverage the Tria stack to onboard users.

PoP Planet plans to integrate Neo X into the SocialFi communication dApp that allows users to curate communities and deploy digital assets. The PoP Planet collaboration results from Neo’s efforts to engage with blockchain companies, builders, and key opinion leaders in various regions during the 2023 APAC Hackathon tour. The tour was not only intended to attract projects through the hackathon, but also for networking and business development to grow Neo’s influence in the region.


April 19: NNT editors hosting CC & BB #15 on The Smart Economy Podcast official X account.