Neo St Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) has made its benchmarking tool for Neo blockchain nodes open source, ready for use by developers in the ecosystem. Designed to be agnostic to node implementation, neo-bench can be used to test performance and help uncover bottlenecks.

Neo-bench is now available on the Neo SPCC GitHub. The current version supports testing for both NeoGo and the core C# client neo-cli, which can be benchmarked in single consensus node or four consensus node (+1 RPC node) setups. Transactions can be generated at a fixed rate or using multiple worker threads sending at their maximum rate.

In its release article, Neo SPCC also provided examples of how to run the benchmark, showing the different options that can be used. These include customizable parameters such as the number of workers, queries per limit, and a timeout duration for RPC requests.

According to the team, future updates will see the tool modified to be compatible with Neo3. Additionally, the possibility of support for heterogeneous networks is under investigation.