TranslateMe, an instant translation service in the Neo ecosystem, has announced the release of its French to English API. The API allows for web-based platforms and applications to integrate TranslateMe’s decentralized solution for content translation purposes.

The first test version of the TranslateMe API used a two million sentence model — 20% of TranslateMe’s sentence corpus. In a conversation with Neo News Today, TranslateMe founder, Ryan Lloyd, pointed out that testing its entire corpus would have been less efficient. Particularly as the team intends to fine-tune the model using the test results before testing the whole 10 million sentence corpus.

For this test version, the TranslateMe team ran the model on a local machine. However, Lloyd noted that TranslateMe has begun to work on the decentralization of its network. He said, “we are working on a small three machine network locally to simulate load between a three-node network of the same model. Essentially, this will allow us to test a decentralized API.”

Additionally, the team is now working on an algorithm layer that will allow for the API to accept user feedback regarding translated grammar and sentence structure.

Looking forward, TranslateMe intends to complete its French translation model as a commercially viable product. The team then plans to seek private funding and/or part with equity to expand support for more languages on the platform. Lloyd concluded, ”we hope to be of value to [the] Neo [ecosystem] when our service is successful at efficiently translating text in many languages.”

The full announcement can be found in the link below: