Neo SPCC has released its first Neo v3.5 compatible version of NeoGo. Alongside the latest protocol features such as dynamic code loading, the update brings a range of other improvements.

NeoGo v0.100.0 is a milestone release that corrects various long-standing inconsistencies while introducing other changes necessary to support new features. In particular, node operators should be aware of changes to configuration files. Though old settings will continue to be supported for now, existing config files will become incompatible in approximately 6 months. Operators should migrate to use an updated config at their earliest convenience. Example configs are provided for reference.

Neo v3.5 compatibility changes in this release include the LoadScript syscall for running dynamic code in contracts, new VM opcodes for booleans, and two new methods for the ContractManagement native contract.

Additionally, the team completed an update in the compiler which allows it to generate additional type data. This data is used by the RPC bindings generator to handle complex types when interacting with smart contracts over RPC.

Developers will also notice an improved startup time for the node, improved error and help messages, plus a reduced memory footprint when operating a node on large networks. 

Finally, the update also squashes a pair of bugs: the first is a DoS-prevention fix, which rejects transactions with a system fee higher than the block maximum from entering the mempool, and the second corrects an error in WSClient subscription methods when using filters.

The latest version and changelog may be downloaded at the following link: