General Updates

Neo Global Development teamed up with projects across the ecosystem to host a holiday gifting competition that will distribute over 150 NFT gifts to community members. Each gift can be unwrapped to reveal assets donated by dApps within the ecosystem. The campaign runs from Dec. 12, to 12:00 am (UTC) on Dec. 22, and can be entered by tipping other community members using the GasBot on Discord. Winners will be drawn fairly on Dec. 23 using the PROPS collection contract.

Neo core developer Jinghui Liao released an article about the need for oracle networks to relay real-world information to on-chain transactions, but that they have a fatal flaw — latency. Latency is the time-consuming process of obtaining data through consensus, which malicious actors can manipulate to attack networks and steal funds. The research team proposed a zero-latency oracle solution, which allows for direct user interaction with the oracle in a secure way. To date, the proposed oracle system has been tested with more than 200 pricing data points.

Pink Paper founder and CEO Rupin Mathur joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the decentralized content publishing platform. In the AMA, Mathur discussed his motivation for building Pink Paper, the benefits the platform can provide creators, using the Neo blockchain to tip creators, the utility of the Pink Panda NFTs, and more. Participants in the AMA shared rewards from a prize pool comprising ten Pink Panda NFTs.

Quirky Soul College launched its game, allowing players to send their Quirky Souls on missions and buy cosmetic or consumable items from the in-game store. Two reverse pools on Flamingo Finance for the game’s utility token, Fresh Dark Elixir, accompanied the launch. Alongside the FDE token, the team deployed two additional contracts for other key game assets: Mythic Fancy Skins and Black Stone Shards. Mythic Fancy Skins are cosmetic items that Quirky Soul NFTs can wear. Black Stone Shards can give a one-time attribute boost to any Quirky Soul NFT.

Flamingo Finance deployed two new reverse pools to coincide with the Quirky Soul College launch, providing an additional method for users to acquire FDE. The pools allow FDE to be provided as liquidity alongside FLM or bNEO in return for FDE rewards.

Forthewin Network announced a NEP token holiday giveaway event for Neo Boyz NFTs that have the following traits: Santa hat (3,000 NEP), party shirt (1,000 NEP), and white beard (500 NEP). Wallets with the qualifying NFTs will receive an FTW Locker Key that contains the NEP tokens, which will be locked up for three months following the distribution. All Neo Boyz minted with the required attributes before Jan. 1, 2023, at 5:00 a.m. (UTC) will qualify for FTW Locker Keys.

TOTHEMOON hosted a holiday contest where eligible participants can win one of two First Quarter (Phase Three) Cryptonaut NFTs. To enter, participants were asked to share a tweet of their favorite Cryptonaut or invite a friend to the Discord server who achieves the “Cryptonaut role” by sending 100 or more messages. If both of the contest rules were met, the participant received two entries.

GrantShares proposal AfricaN3 Life Savers Event was approved for funding by the DAO members, which unlocked Friday, Dec. 16. Proposals DAO by greyarea, Let’s Rejoice (LR)- A dating app focused on connecting people of faith inside and outside of China, and NEO on TikTok were put forth for discussion. Additionally, GrantShares added a new feature to the community funding DAO dApp, which allows users to provide feedback on the platform via surveys.

DogeRift released v1.05 of the 3D world game, which included updates to adventure mode and the launch of the soccer game mode.

COZ CEO Tyler Adams joined a GhostMarket Twitter Space. Discussion topics included COZ’s background in its various projects, the product suite that COZ built and maintains, launching PROPS to give developers contracts/SDK examples to build off, the origin of the PUPPETS NFT project, next steps for the project, and much more.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC released its first Neo v3.5 compatible version of NeoGo. Alongside the latest protocol features, such as dynamic code loading, the update brings a range of other improvements. Developers will also notice an improved startup time for the node, improved error and help messages, and a reduced memory footprint when operating a node on large networks.

COZ released neo-mamba v1.0.0, which pivoted to a “light wallet/app” SDK, removing the need to have the full chain state synced locally. Instead, it will make use of full nodes to obtain the data needed via RPC. The release introduces a set of wrapper classes that allow developers to interact with any on-chain smart contract like they’re regular Python classes.

Rentfuse Labs published version 1.4.0 of Neonova, its GUI-based contract management and invocation tool for Neo N3. The update brings with it the ability to perform multiple contract invokes per transaction. This may be useful when a contract method must be called multiple times, for example, when using an NFT mint function.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 22 of the Smart Economy Podcast, which compiled student thoughts from Neo’s recent “Decoding Web3” US campus tour. Discussion topics included the importance of blockchain clubs, what the students found particularly interesting about Neo, what they took away from presentations held by prominent Neo ecosystem representatives, and much more.

Token Listings

FDE was listed on Flamingo Finance.