Rentfuse Labs has published version 1.4.0 of Neonova, its GUI-based contract management and invocation tool for Neo N3. The update brings with it the ability to perform multiple contract invokes per transaction.

The first version of Neonova was released in late Dec. 2021. Since then, it has received a number of UI and UX enhancements, such as the ability to import and export invocation files. This makes it more convenient for developers to store and share their frequently used calls.

Neonova is currently on its v1.4.0 release. The most recent addition is the ability to perform multiple invocations on persisted transactions by selecting an invoke quantity. This may be useful when a contract method must be called multiple times, for example when using an NFT mint function. However, in its current form, each invoke in the transaction must use the same parameters.

In the previous version, v1.3.0, the tool received support for custom RPC nodes and networks. By specifying the node address and network magic, the interface can be used to invoke, deploy, or update contracts on any network, such as private Express instances.

Users can try Neonova at the following link: