Forthewin Network is giving away FTW Locker Key NFTs to users who mint Neo Boyz NFTs featuring holiday-themed attributes. FTW Locker Keys are NFTs that can be used to unlock specific assets or content at a predetermined date. All prizes for the event will be locked for three months.

To win an FTW Locker Key NFT, a Neo Boy must be minted with a Santa Hat, Party Shirt, or White Beard attribute. The keys will provide access to lockers containing NEP tokens. The amount of NEP placed in lockers for each attribute can be found below.

  • Santa Hat – 3,000 NEP
  • Party Shirt – 1,000 NEP
  • White Beard – 500 NEP

Left to right: Neo Boyz featuring Santa Hat, Party Shirt, and White Beard

At the time of writing, Santa Hats have a 0.9% mint rate, Party Shirts have a 2.88% mint rate, and White Beards have a 5.76% mint rate. If a user mints a Neo Boy featuring more than one of these attributes, it will qualify for all prizes. A Neo Boyz rarity filter can be found here.

Neo Boyz is an NFT series with a total supply of 3,333. Each is randomly generated from a set of 138 attributes and can be used to boost the claiming of LP rewards on FTW by up to 4%. Each Neo Boy carries a mint cost of 5,000 NEP tokens, with over 2,000 still available.

All Neo Boyz minted with the required attributes prior to Jan. 1, 2023, at 5:00 a.m. (UTC) will qualify for FTW Locker Keys.

The full announcement can be found at the below link: