Quirky Soul College has opened its doors, allowing players to send their Quirky Souls on missions and buy cosmetic or consumable items from the in-game store. Accompanying the launch are two reverse pools on Flamingo Finance for the game’s utility token, Fresh Dark Elixir.

A Tutorials page has been created to help users get up and running. Inside are several walkthroughs with images that show how various actions can be performed, including equipping skins, claiming FDE rewards, and using Black Stone Shards to boost Quirky souls.

FDE reverse pools

Fresh Dark Elixir is the game’s utility token, used to pay for all related activities including venturing on missions, healing characters, and purchasing items from the game shop. Players can earn and claim FDE in-game, using it to fuel their advancement.

Flamingo Finance has deployed two new reverse pools to coincide with the Quirky Soul College launch, providing an additional method for users to acquire FDE. The pools allow FDE to be provided as liquidity alongside FLM or bNEO in return for FDE rewards.

Users can stake FDE with FLM or bNEO via Flamingo Finance. This can be done manually by providing liquidity and then staking the resulting LP tokens, or by using the SmartStake feature. Rewards from the pools can be claimed via the Flamingo Earn page.

Skins and Shards

Alongside the FDE token, the team has deployed two additional contracts for other key game assets: Mythic Fancy Skins and Black Stone Shards. Mythic Fancy Skins are cosmetic items that can be worn by Quirky Soul NFTs. Dressing a Quirky Soul in a skin will cause its image to be updated on-chain to reflect the change.

A Cultist outfit for Quirky Soul NFTs.

Mythical Fancy Skin #6 (Source: Quirky Soul College)

Black Stone Shards are consumable items. These can be found in the player’s backpack and can be used to give a one-time attribute boost to any Quirky Soul NFT. Each shard will give an extra point in a given attribute depending on which color shard was used.

A number of skins and shards have been made available on launch. These can be found and purchased using FDE tokens in the game’s shop.