Neo Global Development is teaming up with projects across the ecosystem to host a holiday gifting competition that will distribute 100 NFT gifts to community members. Each gift can be unwrapped to reveal assets donated by dApps within the ecosystem.

The campaign runs from Monday, Dec. 12th, 12:00 am (UTC) to Thursday, Dec. 22, 12:00 am (UTC), and can be entered by tipping other community members using the GasBot on Discord. Each tip grants the user one entry into the draw, with a maximum of one entry per day. Tips can be made with any token supported by GasBot in any Discord server.

Winners will be drawn fairly on Dec. 23rd using the PROPS collection contract. NFTs will be distributed to the winners’ GasBot accounts along with 0.5 GAS and instructions on how to unwrap the gifts. Entrants can win more than once.

The competition follows NNT’s GasBot launch campaign in which users could tip others to win a share of 200 GAS. Discord servers currently supporting the GasBot include the official Neo server, Neo Force One, Meme2Earn, Forthewin Network, Flamingo Finance, Neo-Bits, TOTHEMOON, GhostMarket, NeoCandy, and AxLabs.

Further information on GasBot and a server installation link can be found at An introduction video to using the bot can be found at this link.

The full announcement can be found below: