General Updates

Neo Global Development hosted a Twitter Spaces entitled The Next Wave of Web3 Evolution – Are University Students the New Mainstays of the Industry? The Spaces focused on the recent Decoding Web3 US Campus Tour, featuring NGD Enterprise’s John deVadoss and Harry Pierson as well as AxLabs’ Guil. Sperb Machado and Claude Mueller. A recording of the conversation can be found here.

Pink Paper is joining Neo‘s EcoBoost program, which will bolster the decentralized content publishing platform that allows users to tip creators, establish a reputation system, and participate in crowdfunding opportunities. NGD will provide the Pink Paper team with support and incubation opportunities to help the project enter the market. Additionally, Pink Paper intends to integrate NeoFS into its storage layer.

Forthewin Network launched Neo Boyz NFT staking on the Double Farm module, allowing LP contributors to earn increased staking rewards. The NFT rewards are stackable, which enables users to add multipliers together if specific requirements are met. The integration of the staking followed unanimous community support on Proposal 36, which was held on the community-driven governance portal. Additionally, Forthewin Network announced that Poly Network added support for the NEP token to the cross-chain bridging protocol. In the Twitter announcement, the team stated its intent to build a cross-chain bridge by leveraging Poly Bridge.

DogeRift launched the beta testing version of its game on macOS and Windows. The beta will run for two to three months and is open to all users that own at least one Bored Doge NFT.

GrantShares proposal FrankCoin – a community coin wants to reward holders was approved for funding by the DAO members, which unlocked Monday, Dec. 12. And, the AfricaN3 Life Savers Event was put forth for vote and reached a quorum in support of releasing funding.

Flamingo Finance released information about forthcoming changes to liquidity pools, the launch of the FUSD over-collateralized stablecoin, and FUSD pools. The FUSD token will launch under the “Lend” section of the Flamingo DeFi platform, which will accept bNEO, FLUND, and fWBTC as collateral. Flamingo also intends to launch the following pools: FUSD/FLM, FUSD/fWBTC, FUSD/bNEO, and FUSD/fUSDT. Minting rewards for new pools will begin 24 hours after the pools launch.

Rentfuse updated Neo Nova to v1.4.0, which added the ability to concatenate invocations in the same transaction by selecting invocation quantity. The Neonova GUI makes it easy to invoke as well as deploy or update Neo N3 smart contracts.

Unlocking the Chain released a video overview of the bNEO wrapped token and Neo Burger project.

Developer Updates

NGD released a Nov. 2022 community developer update, comprising video submissions from AxLabs, COZ, Neo News Today, NEXT, NeoResearch, Neo SPCC, NGD Digital Labs, NGD Enterprise, and Red4Sec.

Neo released Neo-CLI v3.5.0, which included a notable improvement to load dynamic scripts at contract runtime. This opens new doors for contract developers by enabling new use cases where users can provide logic to be executed. Currently, Neo-CLI v3.5 is being rolled out onto the official Neo TestNet and a MainNet update is expected to follow in approximately two weeks.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 21 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Derrek Coleman, a community steward at ETH Denver. Discussion topics included finding work in Web3, the types of positions that DAOs most often need to fill, the history of ETH Denver and the types of projects that have arisen from past events, the hackathon and prizes available, and more.


Dec. 13: Pink Paper joining Neo Live Telegram AMA.
Dec. 15: COZ joining a GhostMarket Twitter Spaces.

Token Listings

NEP added to Poly Bridge.