In 2019, Neo Global Development (NGD) and its supported community developer groups increased the number of online activities offered for the Neo community. These activities were designed to give the community more access to projects, create better engagement with members of the ecosystem, and offer educational opportunities to help developers learn about the Neo blockchain.

Online activities took a back seat in Q1 of 2019, due to a focus on large events such as Neo DevCon in Seattle and Neo GameCon in Tokyo. However, Q2 2019 brought an increased focus on online engagement, starting with the LOVE NEO series, and followed by the weekly Neo Live AMA sessions. In addition to NGD’s increased efforts, community developer groups continued to grow their online outreach as well.


The LOVE NEO video interview series was hosted by NGD Eco Growth manager, Nikkor Wang, and served as the first phase of an ongoing initiative to provide exposure to Neo-based projects. In addition to Nikkor, NGD engineer, Longfei Wang, also participated as a co-host on multiple LOVE NEO episodes.

The series ran from May 2019 through August 2019 and included interviews with guests such as CryptoFast, NewEconoLabs (NEL), Dgamemaker, John deVadoss, and the Neo NEXT team.

Neo Live

The Neo Live community question and answer (Q&A) series began in June 2019, and is held in English via the official Neo Telegram channel and in Chinese via official Neo WeChat channels.

The Neo Live series aims to feature a different member from the Neo ecosystem every week. Each English-based Neo Live event has been transcribed and archived on Participating projects include Jarvis+, CryptoFast, NEL, Switcheo, Novem, Alchemint, Guardian Circle, QLC Chain, and more.

Neo Live has also offered exposure to external projects, companies, and developers that became ecosystem partners via outreach efforts related to the Neo Eco Boost initiative. Examples include Cobo Wallet, SafePal,, Celer Network, DappBirds, OnTrade, and 0xGames.

Lastly, a special Neo Live event took place at the Neo Community Assembly in September 2019. Representatives from each of the Neo developer communities participated in a video interview recorded in-person and moderated by NNT editor, Brett Rhodes (aka Edge).

Neo NEXT online courses

The Neo NEXT community also devoted resources to increase the availability of online educational content with its online courses in Mandarin.

In May 2019, Neo NEXT began to release a series of online courses designed for blockchain developers, focused on subject matter related to dApp development, token economics, non-fungible tokens (NFT), and reducing friction for traditional game developers entering the blockchain gaming market.

Additionally, Neo NEXT has also released shorter technical lessons that serve as development exercises. The lessons are designed to help new developers gain technical knowledge about the Neo blockchain and improve their dApp awareness.

At the time of press, Neo NEXT has released 12 online courses and 45 technical lessons.

Other ecosystem initiatives

Other notable initiatives included Neo leadership participation in community Ask Me Anything (AMA) events. Da Hongfei participated in various AMA’s, including a Coin 98 AMA before Neo’s first visit to Vietnam, an AMA with Infinito Wallet, and a Reddit AMA with co-founder, Erik Zhang. NGD Eco Growth director, John Wang, participated in an AMA with Celer Network.

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) released a four-part video introduction to NeoFS. The video series demonstrated a system overview of the distributed storage network, payments in the network, how data is stored, and data audits.   

NGD Seattle participated in a video overview of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for VS Code. Harry Pierson, chief architect of NGD Seattle, and Ricardo Prado, a Neo core developer, gave a video introduction and walkthrough of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, moderated by NNT’s Edge. In the video, Pierson walked through the toolkit, while Prado and Edge were able to ask questions throughout the demonstration.

A timeline of online events can be found below in chronological order.


  • 5th: LOVE NEO interview with Fishchain – Video.
  • 6th: LOVE NEO interview with CryptoFast – Video.
  • 7th: LOVE NEO interview with NeoLand – Video.
  • 8th: LOVE NEO interview with BlaCat – Video.
  • 16th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). One: What are the possibilities of blockchain games?
  • 31st: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Two: dApp past, present, and future.


  • 14th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Jarvis+.
  • 20th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Zoro/BlaCat.
  • 20th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Three: Create a blockchain game in three easy steps
  • 22nd: Neo AMA on Coin98 – Details.
  • 27th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with CardMaker.


  • 5th: NGD AMA about Neo EcoBoost program – Details.
  • 9th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Four: Construction of a blockchain game ecology.
  • 11th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Blockchain Game Master.
  • 17th: LOVE NEO interview with LAYA – Video.
  • 17th: LOVE NEO interview with NewEconoLabs (NEL).
  • 17th: LOVE NEO interview with O3 Labs – Video.
  • 18th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with NeoWorld.
  • 23rd: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Five: Status and imagination of blockchain games.
  • 25th: Neo Live with Travala – Transcript.
  • 25th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with NEL and FutureDAO.


  • 1st: Neo Live with Guardian Circle – Transcript
  • 1st: NeoSPCC released Episode 1: System Overview video demo for NeoFS – Video.
  • 5th: NeoSPCC released Episode 2: Payments video demo for NeoFS – Video
  • 8th: Neo Live with Switcheo – Transcript.
  • 8th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with
  • 13th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Six: FishChain – Exploration of Token Economy in the Game Field.
  • 15th: LOVE NEO interview with Dgamemaker – Video.
  • 15th: Neo Live with Cobo – Transcript
  • 15th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Blockchain Cuties – Details.
  • 18th: LOVE NEO interview with head of NGD Seattle, John deVadoss – Part 1 – Video.
  • 19th: NeoSPCC released Episode 3: Placement, Migration, and Replication video demo for NeoFS – Video.
  • 20th: Neo founder, Da Hongfei, participated in an AMA with Infinito Wallet – Details
  • 22nd: Neo Live with ZelCore and Blockchain Cuties – Transcript
  • 22nd: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Magic Cube – Details.
  • 25th: LOVE NEO interview with head of NGD Seattle, John deVadoss – Part 2 – Video.
  • 26th: LOVE NEO interview with CardMaker – Video.
  • 26th: LOVE NEO interview with NEO-NEXT – Video.
  • 27th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Seven: Why do blockchain games need NFT?
  • 29th: Neo Live with Novem – Transcript.


  • 2nd: NeoSPCC released Episode 4: Data Audit video demo for NeoFS – Video.
  • 4th: Neo Live with community developers at the Neo Community Assembly 2019 – Video.
  • 6th: 15th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) NCA Recap – Details.
  • 12th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Alchemint.
  • 12th: Neo Live with QLC Chain – Transcript.
  • 13th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with QLC Chain – Details.
  • 17th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Eight: Exploring the Token Economy of the Virtual World: From NeoWorld 1.0 to 2.0
  • 19th: Neo Live with Narrative – Transcript.
  • 21st: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Celer Network – Details.
  • 26th: Neo Live with Future DAO/NewEconoLab – Transcript.
  • 28th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Celer Network – Details.


  • 4th: NGD hosted a live webinar in St. Petersburg, Russia – Details.
  • 10th: Neo Live with CardMaker – Transcript.
  • 10th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with DappBirds – Details.
  • 15th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). Nine: How can traditional game developers easily enter the blockchain game market?
  • 17th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with NeoFish/FishChain – Details.
  • 21st: NGD EcoGrowth director, John Wang, participated in Celer Network AMA – Details.
  • 23rd: Neo co-founder, Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei, conducted an AMA on Reddit – Details
  • 24th: Neo Live with Blocklords – Transcript
  • 29th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). 10: Why do chain games need transactions?
  • 31st: Neo Live with YezCoin – Transcript.


  • 7th: Neo Live with OnTrade – Transcript.
  • 12th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). 11: Fun and free blockchain tour worth your participation!
  • 14th: Neo Live (Chinese via WeChat) with Longfei Wang of NGD – Details.
  • 20th: NGD Seattle offers overview of Neo Blockchain Toolkit for Visual Studio – Video.
  • 21st: Neo Live with SafePal – Transcript.


  • 12th: Neo-NEXT online course (Chinese). 12: Digital Wallet: The Foundation and Entrance of Value Internet.
  • 12th: Neo Live with 0xGames – Transcript.
  • 19th: Neo Live with NeoLogin – Transcript.