Flamingo has launched a trading competition with a total prize pool of 19,500 GM tokens. The contest is available exclusively for those in the Flamingo Hodler Program, a tiered plan that offers membership benefits and perks for FLM holders. Winners will be chosen based on their total trade volume between FLM and GM. The trading competition is live and concludes at 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Friday, Feb. 25.

The only orders that qualify are those placed and filled in the Convert and SmartStake features of the Flamingo platform. The sum of the trader’s cumulative FLM/GM volume will be tallied and used to rank participants throughout the competition. Traders can view their ranking on the #contest-rank channel of Flamingo’s Discord server.

Prizes will be distributed according to the member’s tier in the Hodler Program:

Source: Flamingo Finance

Winners will be announced shortly after the conclusion of the competition.

Flamingo Hodler Program

The Hodler Program launched in Dec. 2021 and is designed to offer FLM token holders various types of benefits. To become a part of the Hodler Program, users must first register their Discord account with a Neo wallet address on the #club-info channel of Flamingo’s Discord server. Examples include exclusive access to Discord channels and roles, contests for program members, and other yet-to-be-determined perks.

Qualifying FLM holdings include amounts held in wallets, pools, as well as any that are unclaimed. Thresholds for each tier of the program are as follows:

  • Captain’s Club: 1,000,000 FLM
  • Yacht Club: 100,000 FLM
  • Boat Club: 10,000 FLM
  • Canoe Club: 1,000 FLM
  • Boathouse: 1 FLM

Learn more about the competition at the link below: