Neo released its technical report for Nov. and Dec. 2021, which noted a common theme of testing frameworks. AxLabs, Neo SPCC, and NGD Enterprise each released new tooling to simplify automated testing of smart contracts. The report also highlighted the development of the GrantShares DAO smart contracts for the creation and hashing of proposals. The goal of GrantShares is to decentralize the distribution of developer funding and grants.

Neo Global Development released the first of a two-part retrospective offering an overview of the N3 Early Adoption program. The first five projects reviewed include GhostMarket, iMe Smart Platform, Polychain Monsters, Rentfuse, and TranslateMe Network.

Neo and ecosystem projects were covered in a recent CoinTelegraph article. The article highlighted Neo’s infrastructure development, as well as quotes from representatives of NFT projects like Rentfuse and GhostMarket. 

HitBTC announced the migration of NEO and GAS assets from Legacy to N3. NEO can now be traded against BTC, ETH, USDT, HIT, DAI, and EURS, and GAS can be traded against BTC, ETH, and USDT.


Feb. 9, Neo community developer Rusty released a video tutorial offering a brief overview of NEP-17 token development using Python for N3.

Feb. 9, GhostMarket’s GM governance token was listed on the QuickSwap automated market maker on the Polygon Network. The GhostMarket team provided US $150,000 for a GM/USDC liquidity pool. 

Feb. 10, Demex’s community put forth a proposal to list the GhostMarket GM governance token on the non-custodial exchange. 

Feb. 10, Flamingo announced the launch of a GM token trading competition for users in the Flamingo Hodler Program. To become a part of the Hodler Program, users must first register their Discord account with a Neo wallet address on Flamingo’s DeFi platform. Traders will compete to share from a pool of 19,500 GM tokens. The competition concludes at 10:00 a.m. (UTC) on Feb. 25.  

Feb. 10, Neo Candy released a litepaper noting plans to develop a game and hold an initial DEX offering for its CANDY token. Neo Candy’s first game for release, Candyland, is planned as a 2D fantasy multiplayer browser game. The game will offer plots of land on a map where players can build villages and communicate with others. Looking forward, Neo Candy intends to launch an IDO to raise funds for various tasks listed on its 2022 roadmap.

Feb. 10, TOTHEMOON began a six-day campaign of auctions of Moon Duo NFTs, which comprise two character types and offer both Moon and Cryptonaut Points. The auctions conclude on Tuesday, Feb. 15.

Feb. 11, Mega Oasis announced the launch of its NFT marketplace with a sale of a collection by Zhenchen Liu, a renowned artist whose works have been shown in prestigious venues all over the world. A total of 403 NFTs were designed for the collection, which will be distributed across multiple series. The NFTs can be purchased using bNEO.

Token Listings

GM listed on the QuickSwap non-custodial exchange.