Neo Candy is planning to develop a game and hold an initial DEX offering for its CANDY token, according to its recently released litepaper. CANDY was created to reward people for interacting with dApps in the Neo ecosystem. The goal for the token is to strengthen and grow the Neo community through supporting various projects.


Neo Candy’s first game for release, Candyland, is planned as a 2D fantasy multiplayer browser game. The game will offer plots of land on a map where players can build a village and communicate with others. In-game assets such as land plots, characters, and buildings will be available as NFTs, while the game will also feature CANDY staking mechanics.

Candyland will also become the de facto landing page for users who wish to stake CANDY tokens and earn rewards.

CANDY token and IDO

CANDY’s total token supply is listed at 9 billion. An emission schedule that began in Dec. 2021 shows the annual release of CANDY tokens until all 9 billion have been unlocked on Dec. 5, 2026.

Currently, users can acquire small amounts of CANDY from a faucet on the #candy-factory channel of the Neo Candy Discord server. The faucet is limited to one chance to collect per day, per Neo N3 address.

Looking forward, Neo Candy intends to launch an initial DEX offering to raise funds for various tasks listed on its 2022 roadmap. The tasks are predominantly focused on the development of Candyland and the smart contracts associated with its NFTs and staking. CANDY will be allocated as follows:

  • Community: 65% of the total supply
  • Team and Advisors: 12% of the total supply
  • Reserve: 12% of the total supply
  • Marketing: 9% of the total supply
  • Liquidity: 2% of the total supply

CANDY tokens from the IDO will unlock once the event concludes, as will a portion that has been allocated for a liquidity pool. Tokens allocated for other purposes have different vesting schedules found in the litepaper.

Though no date has been confirmed, the team intends to conduct its IDO on the Flamingo Finance platform.

Neo Candy also recently launched a bounty program with 20 million CANDY in available rewards. The bounty program aims to promote dApps built with Neo N3 and help developers new to the ecosystem with tooling.

The full Neo Candy litepaper can be found at the link below: