For its monthly event in July, NEO Colorado hosted a meet and greet in Boulder, where ecosystem developers were on-hand to chat about the NEO blockchain and their ecosystem projects. Tyler Adams, COZ and Moonlight co-founder, and Alex Fragapane, NEO•ONE developer, were in attendance at the informal gathering, which garnered more than a dozen attendees.

Source: Dan Shields

The informal meet and greet aimed at offering a forum for connecting people working within the NEO ecosystem to the local Colorado community. In attendance were individuals from Colorado blockchain projects such as Gitcoin, Aproflow, and the Peregrine, a coworking space that offers a “Crypto Cafe.”

NEO related conversations and discussion points at the meet and greet included:

  • NEO’s virtual machine (VM) and a common VM architecture for NEO3.
  • NEO’s public token sale and the 2017 Giveback Program.
  • Discussions with Ethereum developers about their views on NEO’s decentralization, different philosophies on what that means, and how soon it’s necessary.

Discussions oriented around the broader blockchain space included:

  • The balance of features in payment services (custodial versus non-custodial).
  • Selective privacy for identity data on the Moonlight platform and how it is critical to have the flexibility to scale.
  • Transactions per second (TPS) and whether it should currently be a high priority in the blockchain community.
  • Different visions of far future potential for blockchain.
  • Open-source software development.

In conversation with NEO News Today, Alex Fragapane said it was “great to see people excited about NEO Colorado and excited about promoting through their talents (video, marketing, etc.). [It’s] always exciting to be in an environment where people with different talents come together and talk about how they can make/grow something.”

Upcoming August Event

The next NEO Colorado event will be co-hosted alongside Rocky Mountain Blockchain and Denver Blockchain community groups.

NEO Colorado founder, Dylan Grabowski, will deliver an in-depth, 101 level presentation about the NEO blockchain. Points of discussion will include an overview of NEO’s dual token model, the path to network decentralization, and anticipated functionality of NEO3.

Time and Date
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Thursday, August 29th

Enterprise Coworking
3000 Lawrence Street
Denver, Colorado 80205

There is no cost to attend the event.

Registration for the next NEO Colorado meetup can be found at the link below:

Since November 2018, NEO Colorado has hosted monthly events that have ranged from general interest meetups to developer workshops. Additionally, NEO Colorado has participated in local government events, such as the Colorado Blockchain Day at the Capitol.