NEO Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for July, 2019. The report is an extensive look back at progress made by NGD Shanghai, NGD Seattle, and NEO’s worldwide community groups. By collecting the efforts of a wide community into a single report, NGD intends to keep the community informed, while placing an emphasis on development.

Notable updates from the report included NEO’s partnership with Ontology to build a cross-platform interoperable protocol, NGD’s announcement of 50 EcoBoost partners, and extensive NEO3 development progress.
An infographic version of the report can be found here.

On Thursday August 1st, Guardian Circle participated in NGD’s new NEO LIVE series, an Ask Me Anything (AMA) styled community event that takes place on the official NEO Telegram. Guardian Circle co-founder and CTO, Chris Hayes, participated in the event, answering questions and outlining the project’s tech stack.

NNT Catch Up

NeoWorld opened the second land zone of NEOLAND, following the pre-auction of 900 available land parcels for players, alongside an in-game tax rebate program tied to a player referral system. The NEOLAND region now has two zones available, both of which use NEO as the native currency.

Nash held its third traditional quarterly (Q2 2019) report event in Boston, MA on Saturday, July 27th. Nash co-founder, Fabio Canesin, presented the company’s progress over the past three months and development plans moving forward. During the event, Nash revealed the official launch of its upcoming exchange MVP to be August 23rd. Other significant announcements included a partnership with credit card processor, WorldPay, and the development of a 2nd generation authentication protocol for signing transactions.

Developer Groups

NEO St. Petersburg Competence Center (NEO SPCC) recently submitted an abstract to GolangConf, outlining details for a proposed presentation on the use of Go Assembler to accelerate hashing code used by its decentralized storage platform, NeoFS. The report, which has been accepted by the conference committee, will be presented by NEO SPCC developer, Evgeny Stratonikov.

NEO SPCC released the first episode in a series of introductory videos designed to showcase the functionality of NeoFS from an end user’s perspective. In the first episode, NEO SPCC provides a high-level overview of how the NeoFS system functions. Viewers can expect to gain a basic understanding of the network structure and how files are stored and retrieved by users.

O3 Labs co-founder Apisit Tompakdee conducted an interview with NEO News Today’s Colin Closser to discuss his project’s past and future. The pair discussed a recent addition to the O3 Labs team, mobile and desktop application development, and integrating Coinbase into the platform.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released its second bi-monthly report for July 2019, which highlighted the release of NeoRay 2.0, NELswap testing, development of FutureDAO v1.0, and a FutureDAO meetup held at the end of the month.

On August 4th, NEO NEXT hosted a community event entitled “The New Chapter of Building NEO Ecosystem & the ’50 Plan’ for” in Hangzhou, China. John Wang, NGD director of Ecosystem Growth, attended the event and shared EcoBoost progress with attendees. Afterward, decentralized exchange discussed its “50 Plan” at the event, in which it intends to select 50 of the top 100 public chains to build a one-stop network ecology through exchanges, wallets, and applications. NEO is the first public chain to join the program.


July 29th, Moonlight released a fortnightly report outlining design work put into the platform over the past two weeks, as well as events attended.

July 29th, Blockchain Cuties launched a presale for NEO-based “cuties” following the deployment of its NEO smart contract. For the first round of NEO cuties, a 50% discount has been offered with four types of pre-sale cuties available. NEO is the fourth blockchain to host Blockchain Cuties alongside Ethereum, EOS, and Tron.

July 30th, NEO Colorado hosted a meet and greet with ecosystem developers Tyler Adams (COZ and Moonlight) and Alex Fragapane (NEO•ONE).

July 30th, Trinity released its second bi-weekly report for July. The reports focused on adding support for the UTXO-based assets NEO and GAS. These assets are now also available to be sent within the state channels in the pre-release version. Additionally, users are now able to display all transaction records from a given channel.

July 30th, nOS released version 2.0 of its whitepaper and announced a partnership with ARK to facilitate the development of the nOS blockchain. During its revisions, nOS also placed new focus on increasing the revenue of applications through the use of blockchain-powered solutions.

August 1st, Travala released its monthly report for July 2019, publishing progress in several core platform growth metrics, noting new partnerships, and detailing event participation. Furthermore, the report includes the types of cryptocurrencies used for bookings on its platform and mentioned its inclusion in Binance Info’s transparency initiative as a V Label project.

August 2nd, PikcioChain announced it completed a token swap following an incident where the it fell victim to a fraudulent company, which scammed the project out of 15 million PKC tokens. The new Pikcio token ticker is PKX.

August 2nd, QLC Chain released two new products, QDEX and Q-Wallet. Q-Wallet supports NEO, QLC, ETH, EOS, and QLC Chain native token QGas. QDEX is designed to support QLC Chain MainNet native assets trading, starting with QGas, following with other tokens that may be issued by enterprises or companies for their applications or services.

August 2nd, Alphacat released its second bi-monthly report for July, which highlighted 100 applications listed in the ACAT Store, and ongoing testing of the AI forecasting trading system.

Token Listings

TMN listed on CoinCodex.


August 8th: NEO LIVE with Switcheo – Telegram.

August 15th: NEO LIVE with Cobo – Telegram.

August 29th: NEO Colorado meetup – Denver, US.