Neo launched another successful OneBand ring activation at TOKEN2049, where Da Hongfei participated in a main stage panel. The TOKEN2049 conference occurred on Sep. 13 and 14 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Neo’s booth educated visitors about the blockchain and ecosystem and helped them interact directly with N3 MainNet via the OneBand rings. Approximately 260 rings were distributed to booth visitors.

The Neo booth was staffed by ecosystem representatives, including Neo Global Development, NNT, AxLabs, and COZ, who walked users through the OneBand non-fungible item onboarding process.

COZ and NNT prepared an interview to guide users through the activation at the event.

Third Appearance of the OneBand NFT Ring

The OneBand NFI is a physical, wearable ring cryptographically bound to an NFT. The device is powered by an NFC antenna, which enables short-range wireless communication with other devices. TOKEN2049 marked the third OneBand NFI activation, with the previous two being April’s Consensus 2023 and June’s Tribeca Film Festival.

COZ CEO Tyler Adams noted that the team behind the NFI technology has improved the onboarding process with each event. He said, “These rings are five times as fast as the ones we distributed at Consensus and Tribeca. So, these rings, as we’re going through these activations and demoing them and communicating Neo to the community, we’re also upgrading the technology.”

This activation comprised a check-in station and six other waypoints set up in a gallery style. The six stations were Neo Defined, Technology, Community, Ecosystem, Grants, and Hackathon. Visitors were prompted to answer questions about the Neo ecosystem at each station. All the necessary information to answer the question was displayed on a panel at each waypoint. Once the visitor answered the question correctly, they could scan their ring and update the associated NFT.

Otto, the Dynamic NFT

Once onboarded, booth visitors received an ITEM NFT asset bound to their OneBand ring in a non-custodial manner. Paired with the ITEM NFT was a dynamic OTTER NFT, a character named Otto.

Otter NFT from Token2049

Otter NFT from Token2049

Giacomo Boni, a concept artist from Ubisoft, designed the graphics for the OTTER NFTs. Boni also created the previous LIZARD NFTs for Consensus 2023. The commemorative NFT is an homage to Singapore’s population of smooth-coated otters, for which locals have an affinity.

There were six traits that could be updated on the OTTER NFT, which were invocated at each of the stations. When the guest got the answer to a question correct, the Otto NFT would update with a new attribute (i.e., hairstyle, background, clothing), with a total of 16,000 possible combinations.

Da Hongfei at TOKEN2049

Alongside the NFI activation, Neo’s co-founder Da Hongfei participated in a panel discussion Unleashing Web3: Empowering Users through Decentralized Networks. The discussion was moderated by Tekin Salimi, dao5 founder, and also featured Mance Harmon, Hedera co-founder, and Eunice Giarta, Monday COO and co-founder.

Da Hongfei speaking on Web3 panel at TOKEN2049 in Singapore.

While onstage, Da identified a primary need to onboard the next wave of users. He said, “Action equals motivation minus resistance. To drive mass adoption, we need scenarios where users have a strong motivation to embrace Web3.” He added, “We need exceptionally user-friendly wallets to onboard Web3 users.”

Looking Forward

COZ is already working on the next activation that will leverage OneBand technology. The developer community has partnered with DENVER WALLS, an international mural festival taking place in Colorado’s capital city. DENVER WALLS has secured commissions for 17 world-class muralists who will create multi-year installations throughout the River North neighborhood of Denver.

At each mural, COZ will install a brass plaque that has OneBand NFC technology embedded. The mural visitor can tap the brass plaque at each mural location and participate in a gamified point collection experience.

The festival will run from Sep. 22 through Oct. 3, but the murals will remain up for at least two or three years.

Meanwhile, Neo will be hosting the grand finale and last stop in its APAC Hackathon tour in Hong Kong during the back half of October. The event completes a tour through Japan, Vietnam, India, South Korea, and Singapore, of which Neo held its own in-person hackathons and attended several blockchain conferences. The APAC Hackathon finale will see winners from the previous five GAS Station events come together to compete for US $50,000 in prizes and $1 million in grants.