General Updates

Neo Global Development hosted a booth at Token2049 where participants were onboarded into the Neo ecosystem via the OneBand non-fungible item. Once onboarded, the booth visitors stopped at waypoint stations to scan the OneBand ring and dynamically update attributes on their OTTER NFT. NNT interviewed COZ CEO Tyler Adams, providing a walkthrough of the OneBand activation and how it taught visitors about the Neo ecosystem. Additionally, Neo co-founder Da Hongfei spoke as part of a panel discussion at the conference entitled Unleashing Web3: Empowering Users through Decentralized Networks.

NNT released an article covering the three winning projects from the Tokyo GAS Station, which included Kekkai, Chainrewardz, and FUO. Kekkai and Chainrewardz received an Excellence Award, an AWS Choice Award, and a Travel Award for US $11,000 in prizes and travel grants. FUO received an Alibaba Cloud Choice Award at the Tokyo GAS Station and was awarded $1,000.

NNT published an article on the two winning teams from the second GAS Station stop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The top two projects from the HCMC GAS Station each won US $5,000 and an invitation that included a $1,000 travel grant to the APAC Hackathon finale taking place in October in Hong Kong. XOX Labs and INTOverse secured victories in the DeFi and Payment, and AI, Social, and DAO categories, respectively.

Flamingo Finance restored its cross-chain functionality after a two-month interruption. This service disruption stemmed from a security breach on Poly Network, the cross-chain protocol used by Flamingo. Additionally, Flamingo indicated that the attack has the team evaluating plans to expand cross-chain functionality to systems other than Poly Network. Flamingo also released top tokens by trading volume for Week 36 of 2023, which noted approximately US $22.6m in FLM, $16.7m in bNEO, and $4.5m in fUSDT.

GrantShares proposal World of Elements: A new game for the Neo blockchain, presented by FrankCoin, was put onchain for a vote and is awaiting endorsement. Likewise, the Rust Infrastructure for Neo proposal was put forth by the R3E Network team.

Unlocking the Chain hosted a community Twitter Spaces that was joined by team members from NNT, Flamingo, Battle Hardened, and other builders in the Neo ecosystem.

Developer Updates

NeoSPCC software engineer Pavel Karpy delivered a development workshop entitled NeoFS Integration into dApps on Neo’s Official YouTube Channel.

COZ is collaborating with the Denver Walls Festival taking place Sep. 22 through Oct. 3. COZ is the tech partner that will provide non-fungible item technology installed within brass plaques at the location of 17 murals throughout the River North arts district in Denver, Colorado. Each waypoint will allow users to check-in at the mural and get information about the artist and district.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 46 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Chen Zhuling, Founder of RockX. Topics of discussion included the early days of Bitcoin in Asia, building a delegated proof of stake blockchain network, and the evolving market driven by dApp usage. Chen also shares insights into how institutional clients can become part of a distributed validator network.

AxLabs opened pre-registration for 1ClickNode, its new Web3 node deployment service. As a promotion for early adopters, a free tier is available for users who pre-register. 1ClickNode is intended to abstract the complexity of node operation away from the developer, allowing them to focus on the core product they are building. The service targets users from a range of backgrounds, including dApp developers, DevOps engineers, and blockchain learners.

NeoSPCC published its first NeoGo release compatible with the Neo core v3.6.0 update. The team implemented the full range of new protocol features, such as Groth16 zero-knowledge proof verification, while additionally making substantial improvements to the contract binding generator and RPC infrastructure.


Sep. 21: COZ joining Colorado Motion Graphics panel to discuss Denver Walls activation.
Sep. 26: Flamingo Finance Community Lagoon on the official Discord server.
Sep. 30: Denver Walls hosting a street fair to commemorate COZ-enabled activation.