The Aphelion wallet and decentralized exchange has released the initial version of its API documentation, which aims to allow developers to interact with the DEX smart contract directly. Actions such as creating and accepting offers or depositing and withdrawing funds are supported. The API also allows the order book to be referenced, as it is stored inside the DEX contract storage.

The API documentation currently outlines its support for the various smart contract operations using JavaScript and neon-js, with the team noting that in the future it may add documentation for other languages or provide an API library to ease setup. A whitelisted address is still required to perform operations on the DEX.

Shortly after the announcement, NEO Economy developer Vincent added a new feature based on the Aphelion API. Checking a NEO address on the NEO Economy website will now also provide its ‘Commit’ and ‘Compound’ balances for the Aphelion smart contract.

In the announcement, CEO Ian Holtz also noted that the team is currently “putting the finishing touches on a web view of the DEX,” which will allow users to view the live DEX without first needing to create a wallet or log in.