TranslateMe has published its latest update, highlighting progress made in the months leading up to March 2019. TranslateMe is a NEO blockchain-based project that is using human contributions and machine learning to create real-time translation services.

Telegram Application

TranslateMe reported positive feedback on its proof-of-concept Telegram web application. The app, which translates live chats on Telegram into a language of the users choosing, is said to have been tested by over a hundred users who are assisting with bug discovery.

A rewards feature was introduced to incentivize users with TMN tokens in return for the submission of translation corrections. The corrections help improve the machine learning algorithm used for translation, which has the goal of reaching a 99.9% accuracy.

Support was also added for the French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic languages.

Android Application

The TranslateMe Android application is reported to be in development, with a planned March 2019 release on the Google Play Store.

Once live, the app will become TranslateMe’s primary application, including other chat apps, tools, and a rewards dashboard. The team hopes the app will further the project’s awareness within the cryptocurrency community.

TranslateMe notes that the core offering of its application will be free to use, with premium options available for purchase using the TMN token or possibly NEO.

GPU Facility for Machine Learning

TranslateMe claims that in February 2019 it received sufficient funds to set up its GPU machine learning facility. The facility consists of 10 mining rigs, reconfigured for machine learning, which is intended to act as the backbone of the TranslateMe network. The machines will perform the tasks required to offer translations and API endpoints for both internal and commercial uses.

The launch of its machine learning project is claimed to have been made possible through the joint contributions of TMN supporters and founder investments into the project.

Translation Marketplace

In addition to the above developments, TranslateMe is also creating a marketplace for translations. Users will have the option to upload their documents to the platform for instant translation via machine translation. For higher accuracy, they will also be able to send the document to a human translator for further improvement.

Translations will be priced on a per-character basis, and translators will have the ability to build their reputation on the platform.

A video overview of the marketplace can be found below:

The full report can be found at the below link: