NEO GameCon took place on March 9th and 10th in Akhibara, Tokyo, Japan, and attracted game publishers, developers, and platforms, in addition to members of the general public. The event was free to attend, and garnered the attention of thousands of attendees, according to NEO Global Development (NGD). Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, co-founders of NEO, were among those who participated in the event.

The conference featured a “Game Ideathon” in which participants submitted concepts for games that leveraged the benefits of blockchain technology. The first place winner “Creative Old Gentleman” received a reward of ¥500,000 YEN (around US$5,000). NGD’s general manager, Johnson Zhao, participated as a judge.

Wang Jiachao, head of NEO.Game, announced that a NEO Game Developer Guide will be released with a tentative “end of March” release date. He also stated, “Blockchain games may not be the future of the blockchain, but the games that use blockchain technology will be the future of games.”

NEO Global Development opened registrations for its new NEO Friends initiative. The NEO Friends program was announced at NEO DevCon 2019 and is offering various forms of resources to NEO community members who contribute to the development of the ecosystem.

NEO Friends is open to both developers and non-developers and seeks to provide an avenue of support for community members of various skill sets. Contributions may include activities such as document translation, original content creation, online initiatives, or hosting events.

NNT Catch Up

imusify launched its IMU token pre-sale at the beginning of March and plans to launch its public token sale beginning April 1st.  On March 5th, imusify reported it had met the private sale soft cap of US $1 million. Post token sale, the imusify development team seeks to deepen the logic of the platform, redesign and rewrite the front end stack, and improve overall UX.

The project’s roadmap includes a September 2019 launch for a minimum viable product (MVP) and a November 2019 launch of the imusify platform v1.0.

NEO Colorado recently held a local community meetup, which offered an overview of highlights from NEO DevCon 2019. The presentation included an unanswered question from the previous meetup, the opening of the NGD Seattle office, various NEO 3.0 functionality proposals, and an overview of module candidates.

The next NEO Colorado meetup is taking place on Wednesday, March 27th, with Tyler Adams, co-founder of Moonlight and City of Zion, as the guest speaker. Adams plans to discuss City of Zion open source environment, the impact of the Colorado Digital Token Act, and his experience running hackathons and workshops.

Developer Groups

City of Zion (CoZ) released version 2.1 of the Neon Wallet with support for features such as multiple Ledger Nano addresses, alongside various optimizations and bug fixes. Users can now control multiple addresses from a single Ledger device, which may help limit risk exposure when using new applications.

UX improvements include the transfer of NEP-5 tokens without dependency on Neoscan, the ability to delete contacts from the list view, and the ability to copy public addresses in the activity page. QR code functionality improvements allow users to send or request payments using QR instead of manually writing or copying addresses.

NewEconoLabs (NEL) released two reports that documented its development progress through February. The reports detail changes and improvements made to various projects, including BlaCat, NNS and the upcoming Teemo wallet.

Development on the ZoroChain main network included the UI design of the Zoro wallet. NEL also added domain name transfer and fixed price trading to the NNS mobile app, following its integration into the O3 mobile wallet. Further, NEL began dAPI integration with the Teemo wallet, based on the standard proposed by O3 Labs, that is designed to simplify dApp development and allow dApps to interact with Teemo easily.


March 5th, PikcioChain announced the completion of its PKC token airdrop, which was part of a dual airdrop and trading competition event held in conjunction with Switcheo Exchange. For airdrop eligibility, NEO wallets must have held a minimum of 10,000 SWTH tokens. A total of 3,509 wallets were eligible to receive the airdrop. PikcioChain cited the time of distribution as taking place at 12:25 pm (UTC +8) on Wednesday, March 6th.

March 5th, Narrative reported attendance at SXSW, arriving on March 8th and staying through the 14th. CEO Rosemary O’Neill is participating as a panelist on Blockchain vs VC: Democratizing Access to Capital. Additionally, Narrative staff will be hosting a booth at “Startup Spotlight” on March 11th.

March 5th, Alchemint added Ledger support to the Alchemint Stablecoin Issuance Platform, which allows users to log-in with their hardware wallet.

March 6th, nOS announced nOS Poker, “the nOS ecosystem’s first full-fledged online game.” nOS hosted its first free-to-play tournament on March 9th, with the top nine finishers splitting a prize pool of 2,500 NOS tokens.

March 6th, Thor released its February report, which highlights the company’s focus on creating a seamless onboarding process for the Odin platform to aid future customer acquisition efforts.

March 7th, APEX Network tech ambassador, Aldo, compiled a list of NEO wallets that hold NEP-5 CPX tokens. With this list, APEX Network aims to provide more comprehensive statistics than merely using a block explorer. Included in the report is month-to-month node distribution and current token distribution.

March 7th, a week-long Travala (AVA) trading competition began on the KuCoin exchange. The competition concludes at 8:00 pm (UTC +8) on Thursday, March 14th. The participant reward pool consists of 250,000 AVA. Participants are ranked by total trading volume, both buys and sells, across the AVA trading pairs for the duration of the competition.

March 7th, NEO Name Service (NNS) announced that transfers using .neo addresses are now live and functional on the Karathen wallet. Karathen is a decentralized multi-chain application that supports cryptocurrencies and token standards.

March 8th, Aphelion published the initial beta version of its Aphelion DEX API documentation, which is “rudimentary but complete enough.” Aphelion states the beta version is a living document, which includes continual improvements and additions to the library.

March 9th, Nash Exchange‘s co-founder, Ethan Fast, participated in a panel at the MIT Bitcoin Expo. The three panelists discussed decentralized exchanges and their individual projects.

Token Listings

NEO Name Credit (NNC) token listed on GAEX exchange.


March 27th: NEO Colorado meetup – Denver

April 8th – 10th: NEO developer workshop – Zürich