The FTW decentralized gaming platform is now available via the O3 Wallet. The FTW dApp allows users to create and participate in NEP-5 lotteries and raffles. FTW announced its integration with the O3 Wallet in February, following the project’s launch onto NEO MainNet.

By using the latest version of the O3 Wallet, users don’t have to log into the FTW dApp with private keys or browser extension software. Instead, users with an O3 Wallet can visit and connect to their wallet directly through the website.

To participate in the lottery, users can purchase tickets with FTX, CNEO, and CGAS. Following the purchase of a ticket, participants can view their entries, as well as draws and winnings history.

The current games page shows the amount of time until the next drawing and the current jackpot pools for the three currencies available on the dApp.

FTW platform users can also create or participate in raffles. To start a new game, the creators select the currency, number of tokens, price of each ticket, and amount of tickets for sale.

The opening games page lists the number of open raffles to participate in, costs for participation, and winners reward.

Note: there are geographic restrictions on who may participate. For example, US residents are prohibited from using the platform.

The NEO dAPI proposal

In addition to the FTW platform, the NEO Economy Store recently launched using the O3 dAPI. This dAPI allows users to connect the O3 Wallet to the NEO Economy Store without plugins or browser extensions.

The O3 team proposes this solution for the NEO dAPI, as it provides “secure communication with dApps, without [the] private key ever leaving [the users] wallet.”

The FTW team iterates the ease of use with the O3 dAPI, as developers no longer need to develop a wallet GUI to support their projects. Now, developers can rely on O3’s API to “handle it all.”