Bibox, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced the listing of the Ontology Gas (ONG) token, effective September 30th, 2018. The Bibox exchange is currently amongst the top 10 exchanges when ranked by daily transaction volume. ONG/BTC and ONG/ETH trading pairs are offered.

Frozen Assets

The Ontology Gas (ONG) token is fuel for transactions and operations on the Ontology blockchain. A fee of 0.01 ONG is required to:

  • transact native assets ONT or ONG on the Ontology MainNet
  • register an ONT ID
  • stake ONT tokens
  • claim ONG that has been generated by holding ONT

Because of this transaction fee, ONT wallets without ONG cannot move their assets.

NEO holders received the second half of Ontology’s airdrop on the Ontology MainNet. Because no Ontology Gas was airdropped, buying ONG from a third party may be necessary for them, and anyone else with unmovable ONT tokens.

Withdrawals of ONG from the Bibox exchange must contain a minimum of 5 ONG. Bibox charges a withdrawal fee of 0.2 ONG.

More information about the Ontology project can be found by following the links below.