DeepBrain Chain, an AI computing platform, has purchased 50,000,000 of its own DBC tokens from various cryptocurrency exchanges. The tokens will be invested in AI companies and sold in OTC trades to facilitate the purchase of AI computing power from DeepBrain Chain. The purchase of DBC is a follow-up of the platform’s earlier commitment to “make it easier for AI companies to buy DBC and subsequently AI computing power on the DBC platform.” DeepBrain Chain began buying tokens on August 1st this year.

The purchasing address is as follows: Adsn9sZAxJ3aGEEELk2jqviaRev4iKV5gf

DeepBrain Chain’s purchase of DBC follows a deeper initiative to incubate and accelerate the development of AI projects through its “DECO” ecosystem. In future, a stipulated amount of DBC will be unlocked for individual projects beginning with DeepBrain, an AI voice interaction system built on-top of DeepBrain Chain, and VisionX, an artificial intelligence chain designed for heavy industries.

The following amounts in DBC will be raised for DeepBrain and VisionX:

  • DeepBrain – 400,000,000 – 500,000,000
  • Vision X – 200,000,000

The DECO ecosystem is comprised of the DeepBrain Chain Foundation, an entity responsible for the incubation of new projects, the DECO AI Ecosystem Fund, and the DeepToken Foundation that provides a platform for the trade AI tokens through its DeepToken Exchange.

More information on DeepBrain Chain can be found at the links below.