NeoWorld, a multiplayer virtual world sandbox game with blockchain integration, recently announced the incorporation of human avatars into the game. The feature is facilitated through a partnership with Estonia-based human face modeling company Wolf3D.

NeoWorld offers various game regions in its virtual world, each supporting a different blockchain integration. The NEO-based realm, NEOLAND, launched at the start of 2019 following the first round of land auctions. The project recently concluded land and building auctions for the second NEOLAND district.

Human face avatars

NeoWorld will leverage its partnership with Wolf3D to introduce player avatars generated from real human faces. In the announcement, the team shared the first avatar generated in NeoWorld from a human face.

neo world real face avatar

Source: NeoWorld

Wolf3D was founded in 2014 and offers a full 3D body scanning studio in Estonia. It developed and launched the Luna 3D Scanner in 2016 and claims to have scanned more than 10,000 people in 2018.

By using the scanning data collected from Luna, Wolf3D expanded its service to offer personalized 3D avatars for games that can be created using only a single photo as the source.

This functionality will be integrated by NeoWorld to allow players the option to convert their 2D selfies into player avatars.

Novice gift packs

NeoWorld also recently announced a novice gift pack for new players that offers three NEO worth of in-game coupons and other assorted goods. The gift is sent to players that sign up with the exclusive registration link through the game’s built-in email system.

According to the team, NEO coupons may be used in place of actual NEO for home or building purchases. The gift pack also includes three “Purple Bull Special Drinks” that can be used to restore happiness values and two one-day travel permits that allow free travel between NEOLAND and NeoWorld.

The event is noted to be long-term with no deadline currently set. Players that register to play before the Island 2.0 implementation will be born in NEOLAND’s first district, with the second district opening in the near future. Novice gift packs are not tradable.