Bamboo won the Best General Project in the Polaris Launchpad hackathon with its SocialFi platform that aims to bridge traditional web and blockchain. Bamboo seeks to integrate Web2 and Web3 by attaching users’ social media accounts to character NFTs. Users mint digital pet NFTs that will grow over time with the platform activity and care by their owner. Each time a user attaches a social media account to their wallet, they’ll mint an additional pet NFT.

Bamboo was built in the spare time of team members that come from a variety of professional backgrounds. The team comprises developers from TikTok, and product and project managers from multinational firms, united by a vision to remove barriers between traditional web interfaces and blockchain. In a conversation with Neo News Today, the Bamboo team said:

Bamboo’s core value is to build an easy-to-use, open social graph. As a team with experience in Web2, we feel that the transition from Web2 to Web3 is not a revolution but an improvement. We hope to make it easy for users and developers currently using Web2 to enter the world of Web3 without barriers. We will try to make users feel they don’t need to change their habits. Bamboo will be a new platform to explore and use for everyone.

Bamboo Platform

The SocialFi platform uses a native graph network, Bamboo Graph, to collect data on user activity to connect them with others with similar interests and habits. Graph neural networks are computer science data structures that enable tasks such as object identification, picture categorization, and recognition. The Bamboo Graph is aimed at learning user preferences and populating feeds with relevant news and information. For example, if a project releases a new NFT series that matches a user’s interests, Bamboo will pass that information onto the user.

To create an identity and profile on the Bamboo platform, users bind a social media account to their wallet, and mint a pet NFT to serve as a tokenized representation. When pet NFTs are used to participate in activities across social networks, the characters will grow with the information gleaned. The more social activities associated with a wallet, the more experience points the pet NFT will earn, allowing the character to level up.

Users bind a social media account to their Neo N3 wallet to mint an NFT of a Bamboo blockchain pet. In the demo, the only social media platform Bamboo supports is Twitter, but the team intends to incorporate Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram.

Source: Bamboo

Users can nourish their NFT pet with bamboo, which they must also water every day so that it may grow. The team plans to release different skins for NFT pets to wear, which will be tradable via a marketplace.

The Bamboo platform will also be the home of various mini-games. The first game the team intends to release is called Vegetable Thief, where individuals can steal other platform users’ uncollected bamboo. Community members are encouraged to build and launch mini-games as well.

In addition to Vegetable Thief, Bamboo seeks to offer other positive opportunities for users to interact with one another. For example, watering other users’ bamboo for additional rewards.

Looking forward, the team plans to release the Bamboo Garden, Gallery, and Market. The Bamboo Garden will be the landing page for dApps in the ecosystem, the Gallery will allow users to display and comment on NFTs, and the Market will serve as a marketplace for pet NFTs and skins.

To explore Bamboo visit the link below: