Users of the upgraded Nudes Army website can earn 17.36 NUDES per second, simply by having an account. The newly released Version 2 site also includes new functionalities such as Twitter login, commenting, referral links, and more ways to spend and earn tokens.

The Nudes Army meme site offers a platform for users to submit meme content and receive NEP-17 NUDES tokens in return for upvotes from other users. Likewise, users can spend NUDES to downvote meme content submissions.


Members of the Nudes Army website now have several options for earning NUDES tokens. Version 2 aims to incentivise user interaction through various bonuses. All actions must be started and completed within a 24 window to be eligible for rewards. Bonuses include:

  • Consuming memes (100 loads): 500,000 NUDES
  • Posting memes (3 memes): 1,500,000 NUDES
  • Voting on memes (10 memes): 1,000,000 NUDES
  • Commenting on memes (10 comments): 500,000 NUDES
  • Voting on comments (10 memes): 250,000 NUDES
  • Invite Bonus (10 successful referrals): 1,500,000 NUDES (all 10 users must create an account on
  • Shared link clicks (100 clicks): 500,000 NUDES

Users can also earn 500,000 NUDES for each referral that leads to a new user registration. This bonus can be claimed an unlimited amount of times.

Further, all new account holders will receive 1,000,000 NUDES upon registration and an additional 500,000 NUDES if signing up via a referral code. The new account bonus cannot be withdrawn and is only available for use on the website.

Finally, all account holders will receive 1,500,000 NUDES per day as a reward for having a Nudes Army account.

Usability features

Version 2 of the Nudes Army site also includes several new usability improvements. For example, users can now log into the website using their Twitter accounts. This feature creates a “hot wallet” for new users, meaning they do not have to manually create a new Neo N3 wallet to start participating.

Other improvements include an unclaimed reward section to track activity progress and usage, and an improved meme creation interface.

More information about the site upgrades can be found at the link below: