Neo has successfully deployed the latest NeoCLI node version to the T5 TestNet and MainNet. The new update addresses stability issues detected during testing of v3.3.0, including long sync times and execution failures under load.

Node runners are encouraged to update to v3.3.1 and fully resync the chain data prior to the Aspidochelone hard fork going live. This will occur at block 210,000 and 1,730,000 for T5 TestNet and MainNet respectively. Asset holders do not need to take any actions for the update.

Neo plugin modules will also be updated with improvements to RPC client iterators within the next few days. In the meantime, node operators can continue to use the v3.3.0 versions without issue.

Following the announcement, Binance issued a statement detailing its own support for the upgrade. Deposits and withdrawals for NEO will be suspended at approximately 11:00 UTC on June 19. They will reopen following the network’s stable resumption.

The original announcement can be read at the following link: