The Polychain Monsters cross-chain NFT game has released the Neosphere Pioneers Saga booster pack series on the Neo N3 blockchain. A total of 11,111 booster pack NFTs will be available to mint on Neo, comprising characters similar to those of previously launched expansion packs.

The booster pack will contain an individual NFT composed of one of eight monster types, each with different attributes and abilities. Looking forward, Polychain Monsters alluded to a tournament exclusive to Neo users. Details about this tournament are yet to be released, but a rewards pool will be equivalent to US $1,000.

Source: Polychain Monsters Twitter

In the official Polychain Monsters Discord server, a community manager noted that the collection is currently in the process of getting listed for trading on the GhostMarket cross-chain NFT marketplace.

About Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters is a cross-blockchain, play-to-earn game based on NFT collectibles incorporating DeFi elements. Polychain Monsters offers collectible, animated character NFTs, each with random attributes that differ in rarity. Users can collect Polychain Monster NFTs by purchasing digital booster packs. In Nov. 2021, Polychain Monsters joined the Early Adopter Program and released a Neo-exclusive character.

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