GhostMarket has issued an updated version of its roadmap, detailing its development plans for the second half of 2023. The team also highlighted accomplishments made this year, including full EVM DEX support, NFT bulk purchasing, adoption of the NFT royalty standard on Neo N3, along with a variety of website updates.

Source: GhostMarket Twitter

The team’s updated roadmap reveals planned enhancements for Q3 and Q4, which comprise new order functionality, minting methods, a launchpad, and two additional support blockchains.

For Q3 2023, GhostMarket has scheduled a series of features targeting NFT trading. These include third-party order books, attribute offers, and a bundling feature. Integration of a currently unannounced seventh blockchain is also expected.

In Q4, the emphasis will be on user accessibility and expansion. Additions include direct NFT-to-NFT trades, open minting, ETH-based lazy minting, advanced analytics tools, and a dedicated mobile application. GhostMarket has also revealed plans for an NFT launchpad and the introduction of an eighth blockchain to the platform.

The full roadmap can be found in the original announcement: