Quirky Soul College has released its 2024 roadmap for the NFT-based game built on Neo N3. The roadmap is divided into tertiles (Q1/Q2, Q2/Q3, and Q3/Q4) and prominently notes the final wave of QSC NFT minting, new events and game modes, extending the game to Neo X, and more.

Final Character NFT Mint Wave

The QSC team aims to host the third and final mint wave of QSC character NFTs during the first third of the year. Mint waves are open for a limited time, allowing game players to create new Quirky Soul characters. After each mint concludes, users can’t mint Quirky Soul NFTs until the launch of the next wave. Each of the first two waves has had a total limit of approximately 1,000 NFTs available for mint.

Wave 0 ran from Oct. 31, 2022 through Jan. 22, 2023, with 755 mints. The Wave 1 mint ran from March 13 through May 14, 2023, and 65 NFTs were minted.


Throughout each segment of 2024, QSC intends to periodically release more interactive storytelling experiences that let NFT holders co-author the narrative’s path, dictating the story’s trajectory. Each character NFT allows a distinct vote on episodic decisions, where a DAO-like model empowers the community to shape the storyline’s ebbs and flows. Following a set voting time frame, the dominant choice becomes canon, setting the stage for subsequent episodes — the first interactive storytelling experience, Hollow World Story, launched in September 2023.

QSC developers also plan to launch team missions during the first third of 2024. To earn experience and level up, players must send their characters on adventures into the “Night” to fight monsters and obtain rewards. NNT contacted QSC co-founder Michael Fabozzi to glean more information about the forthcoming team missions. He said, “We’ll write more about it before launch. Anyway, it’s a new game mode where you have to fight against the Night with a team of Quirky Souls.”

Neo X

In the middle portion of the year, the QSC team plans to develop and test an extension of the game onto the Neo EVM sidechain, Neo X. Initially, the team intends to build on TestNet and launch the game on Neo X MainNet in the last third of 2024.

Neo X will connect the Neo N3 network with the widely-used EVM network, broadening the scope of development opportunities within the Neo ecosystem. Inheriting certain features from Neo N3, such as its dBFT mechanism, Neo X will extend functionality in other areas, such as introducing measures to address toxic MEV behaviors.

About Quirky Soul College

QSC is a story-driven NFT game featuring a collection of unique NFTs called Quirky Souls, which allow their owners to join the College, level up, and participate in the evolving story.

The project is the first dynamic NFT-based game on the Neo N3 blockchain. Dynamic NFTs have updatable metadata that can be altered when triggered by smart contracts. The character images are dynamically generated on-chain and are updated according to certain conditions. Example conditions include when a character is on a mission and when a character dies.

QSC was founded by Michael Fabozzi, the creator of NFT-lending pioneer Rentfuse, an award-winning project in the 2021 Neo Launchpad hackathon. QSC was built to explore blockchain technology’s potential by creating new ways to engage with digital collectibles. In August 2023, the project was introduced into the Neo EcoBoost program.

The full roadmap can be found at the link below: