Blockchain game studio 0xGames has announced it is closing its doors and will preserve its games in a maintenance only capacity. 0xGames had integrated Neo blockchain-based functionality into its 0xWarriors and 0xRacers games.

0xGames is ending the sale of all in-game items across its portfolio as it moves its projects to an “autonomous state.” Game functions such as trading between players will continue to work and any collected commission will be spent on hosting. Founder Sergey Kopov stated, “we will maintain the projects as much as we can and as long as the players’ interest remains.”

Kopov cited several reasons for 0xGames’ failure, leading to the exit of 0xGames’ primary investor.

0xGames’ issues first began when it realized that the Ethereum blockchain was not suitable for gaming. In its attempts to pivot to a multi-chain infrastructure, Kopov claims it was let down by EOSIO and Tron. Kopov even went as far as saying, “the Tron team turned out to be scammers – marketing support was minimal, and they still owe us money.”

Despite initial success, 0xGames struggled to grow its user base. Enthusiasm for blockchain-based games did not increase as 0xGames and its investor had expected. Marketing efforts proved ineffective and ad platforms such as Facebook banned blockchain-based advertisements.

This led to a souring in the relationship between 0xGames and its investor. Despite overcoming some of its onboarding issues, it was not enough. In December 2019, the company was forced to return its remaining capital to its investor, meaning it went into 2020 “without money, but with debts.”

0xGames spent 2020 pursuing new investors, noting that “until recently it seemed that everything would work out.” However, the recent falling through of another potential deal meant that it became “impossible” for the company to continue.

0xGames was founded in 2017 by Kopov and launched its first game, 0xUniverse, on the Ethereum blockchain. A galaxy exploration game, 0xUniverse rapidly grew its user base and received frequent updates. In 2018, 0xGames launched three more games – Battleships, 0xWarriors, and 0xRacers – and began work on its 0xFramework.

0xWarriors was the first game to receive Neo integration, followed by 0xRacers. Both games featured NFTs on the Neo blockchain, although less than 100 were minted.

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