Moonlight, a freelance workforce platform on the NEO blockchain, has released a discussion of the development work on its first iteration, codenamed “Copernicus.” In his post, Moonlight co-founder Tyler Adams explained his project’s design, which includes the creation of digital profiles for each user. These profiles will allow customized resumes when applying for different categories of employment.

Accounts and Profiles

Moonlight will enable each user to keep and customize multiple user “profiles” in order to support its enhanced user customization.

At the user account level, Moonlight plans to build out “identity anchors.” Identity anchors are designed to allow users to provably tie their identities to their job applications by linking them with a third-party KYC provider. Future development of this concept will also be applied to offer proven and verified work history data.

At the user profile level, Moonlight plans to offer tools for each user to manage different profiles that customize their resumes and job applications. As an example, Adams cited a user that could want to emphasize different professional experiences when applying to engineering jobs versus jobs that require a statistics background.

DevCon 2019

Moonlight co-founder Alan Fong will be presenting the Moonlight project with more “sneak peeks” of development progress on February 16th, 2019, NEO DevCon’s second day. Adams will also be on stage at NEO DevCon through his participation in a panel discussion, entitiled “How to Expand Developer Communites,” on the first day of the conference.

Moonlight’s Copernicus report can be viewed in full at the following link: