DeepBrain Chain recently introduced the DeepBrain Chain Ecosystem (DECO), a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem comprised of DeepBrain Chain and DeepToken. DeepToken and the DeepToken Exchange were recently covered by NEO News Today. DeepBrain Chain also announced its first two incubated projects: DeepBrain (DPB) and VisionX (VNX).

DECO, in coordination with the DeepBrain Chain AI Ecosystem Fund, aims to develop an ecosystem where DeepBrain Chain provides underlying business support, and DeepToken exchange provides the financial infrastructure. DeepBrain Chain believes DECO will “effectively solve AI companies’ problems, such as expensive computing power, difficulty in fundraising, and lack of access to the blockchain revolution.”

As shown in the graph on the DECO website, the DECO ecosystem is comprised of:

  • DeepBrain Chain Foundation,
  • AI Ecosystem Fund,
  • DeepToken Foundation, and
  • Incubated projects.

DeepBrain Chain surmises its wealth of AI assets, coupled with DeepToken’s “Voting is Mining” model, aims to support quality AI projects to benefit both investors and AI companies.


DeepBrain aims to provide “cloud and chip” turnkey services to branded vendors, programmers, application developers, and chip manufacturers. Its focus will primarily be on children’s products and toys. DeepBrain strives to provide the aforementioned parties with “the ability to make products with artificial intelligence, the ability to talk to the product, and the ability to learn.” DeepBrain seeks to enable AI products to assist in the development of children’s growth.


VisionX aims to lead cross-industry AI collaboration and integration; create a blockchain-driven, sustainable ecosystem; and, create optimized and industry optimal AI solutions for customers. Its future target markets include the fields of predictive maintenance, robotic collection, and cross-industry information development markets.

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