The Narrative Network, an incentivized social media platform that rewards content creators and moderators, published its “Narrative @ Work” progress report, June 29.

The first item on the report was a call to action, as Narrative wants community input on the subjects of content, outreach, and design of its platform. Users can participate in the discussions here in the Narrative Community hub.

The request for feedback was followed by an announcement that three new members have joined the Narrative development team. Patrick Alessi joined as the director of software engineering; while Mark Remi and Brian Santralelli joined as software engineers. It’s claimed that the new developers will work to make Narrative more cloud-friendly, while also rolling out Narrative’s “Chaucer” Alpha release that was delivered to NRVE token holders in January this year.

With Chaucer, users can suggest and secure niches that will be carried over to the Beta when it’s released. Narrative is aiming to become the “World’s Public Journal” and rewards content creators and moderators with NRVE as an incentive to improve the quality of its content. So far, it’s claimed that “over 300 niches have been created ranging from cryptocurrency to politics and music” on Chaucer.

Following its release to early investors, Chaucer is now open to the general public with the Claim Your Spot campaign. Described by Narrative as a “digital waiting line,” people can sign up to the campaign and get notified when it’s their turn to participate. Chaucer registrations will unlock incrementally as the team works towards its beta release planned for Q4 2018.

Narrative also added a referral rewards program to help grow its userbase. The incentive is tied into the Claim Your Spot Campaign as new rounds of users are unlocked for the platform. The current incentive, for example, is set for 3,000 members and valued at 27,000 NRVE. For each member that someone refers in the current batch, they will earn 9 NRVE. Additionally, there is a bonus of 5,500 NRVE that will be distributed proportionately to the top 10 members by number of signups. Referrals are tracked through the user’s dashboard and will be paid out at the release of the Narrative Beta.

The final topic covered in Narrative’s update was to do with its development work over the last couple of weeks. The team made some design and internal architecture changes while also finalizing its product development roadmap through to its Beta release.  You can read the full list of changes and improvements here.

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