Reports and Developments

Onchain won the Graduation Award at “Think Next”, Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai’s Third Cohort Alumni Enterprise Exhibition event. Twice a year Microsoft Accelerator selects 15 – 20 companies to receive access to Microsoft’s innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurship resources, financial resources, strategy advice and access to major clients. Onchain was selected for the program in February of 2018 because of its work in the global blockchain industry.

Zeepin published a product development update, which highlighted improvements on ZeeRights, ZeeCreate, and CryptoGalaxy, as well as a meetup held in Hangzhou, China.

O3 Labs announced support for the Ontology MainNet ONT token swap, this also means that O3 is the first wallet to currently support both NEO and Ontology. O3 Labs has provided a guide on how to swap NEP-5 ONT tokens to MainNet ONT tokens though the mobile wallet.

Update, July 2nd: O3 Tweeted the following:

“Regarding the ONT token swap in O3: the Ontology team needs a bit more time to make sure the mapping (token swap function) works without failure. For O3 this means that we have to postpone the update, because if we release it now there is a chance you will lose your ONT tokens.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but as soon as we have the ok from Ontology we will release the new updates. It should be before July 9th for sure.”

Phantasma announced its SOUL token will be used as currency in the upcoming game, Nacho Men, a turn based fighting game developed by Phantasma co-founder, Sergio Flores. In the game, players can collect, train, battle and trade unique Luchadors that exist as non-fungible assets. The open beta of Nacho Men is scheduled for July of 2018, where users will be able to play with test tokens to help test the game features, in addition to stress testing the network.

Ontology launched its MainNet, “Ontology 1.0,” on June 30th, and released an update to their token swap guidelines. Token swaps can take place through the ONTO client, SEA Wallet or O3 Labs’ Wallet, or from a handful of exchanges. Mapping for token swaps will begin July 9th, and finish October 1st.


Red Pulse has partnered with Udacity, a for-profit university that offers massive open online courses (MOOCs). Red Pulse has agreed to provide employment and scholarship support for Udacity’s Blockchain Engineering Nanodegree Program. Through their coursework, Udacity students will be provided with opportunities to communicate with industry experts, as well as build their own blockchains, write smart contracts, and integrate these features with web applications.

Spotcoin detailed their partnership with Golden Fleece, a mining company in Georgia using green energy generated from hydropower plants. The interview highlights Spotcoin’s interest in Golden Fleece, its involvement in cryptocurrency mining, and benefits for SPOT token holders.

Tech Updates

APEX Network released details of its node ecosystem, which is comprised of supernodes, voternodes, and data cloud nodes. The APEX network seeks to facilitate consumer-focused enterprise decentralized applications (dApps). The network utilizes two consensus mechanisms: delegated proof of stake (DPoS) for the main network, and proof of stake (PoS) for its sidechains. The node ecosystem aims to facilitate functionality, governance, and infrastructural support for the APEX Network.

Trinity officially released its NEO-based state channel protocol, along with a guide on how to deploy network nodes. Trinity is a universal off-chain scaling solution that uses state channel technology to create private payment channels and real-time transactions.

Aphelion announced the release of its wallet and a 50,000 APH token giveaway. Aphelion is building a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform on the NEO blockchain, and aims to enable token trading in a decentralized and trustless environment using their Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL). To celebrate the release of the mobile wallet, Aphelion are giving away 50,000 APH tokens. 500 tokens will be given to 100 users who install and share their experiences.

Zeepin announced the release of CryptoGalaxy v1.5, which is a game that allows players to buy unique planets and mine them for ‘minerals’ that can be converted into Gala, the game’s native currency. New features include planet upgrades, an in game wallet, equitable mining on planets, and the reset/change of passwords.

Effect.AI launched Effect Force private beta on NEO MainNet. Effect Force is a mechanical turk (MTurk) marketplace that connects artificial intelligence (AI) developers to paid contributors. 600 participants from over 4,000 registrants were selected for the first round of beta, which requires users to classify images.

Bridge Protocol launched its minimum viable product (MVP) on NEO TestNet, which will aim to create a secure digital identity solution that verifies a user’s ID to a public address without the need to store sensitive information.

Thor Token has announced the launch of its mobile beta platform “Thor Payments & Benefits.” The full release of the platform will allow network participants to purchase healthcare plans. The beta platform calls for the community to assist in testing the “sending and receiving of digital credits” through the purchase of Thor merchandise at cost price.