Effect.AI has published its progress report for the month of September, which includes development progress, event attendance, platform achievements, new upcoming tasks, and testing of Effect Force. Effect.AI is an open, decentralized network that aims to provide services in the artificial intelligence (AI) market.

Currently, five new requesters are testing Effect Force. Additionally, 480,000 new tasks will be issued on Effect Force from the Singapore government and Quadrant Protocol.

Tech Updates and Requester Milestone

Effect Force, the first phase of the Effect Network, is an interactive marketplace for tasks that require human intelligence, which is then used to train AI algorithms. Requesters have approached Effect.AI with needs for “specific annotation features” to be developed for purposes specific to their own platforms. Such features include pixel annotation, map labeling, audio transcription, and video annotation.

In September, Effect.AI completed its requester application program interface (API) gateway for requesters to connect with Effect Force; upgraded its user interface/user experience (UI/UX) based off feedback provided by Private Beta testers; and, added new blockchain integrations to Effect Force, which resulted in faster and more efficient compensation for workers.

In June of 2018, Lobster, a graphic content provider, partnered with Effect.AI to create metadata with increased accuracy and to improve Lobster’s AI and algorithmic engines. Through the partnership, Lobster has improved its Selfie Detector and People Tracker services using the training data from Effect Force’s workforce. Algorithm accuracy reached 90% for Lobster’s People Tracker, and 95% for its Selfie Detector.

Marketing and Business Development

Effect.AI was featured on RTL Nederland, one of the Netherlands largest television networks. The four-minute segment highlights the services Effect.AI offers, and its three phases of development (Effect Force, Effect Smart Market, and Effect Power).

The business development team traveled throughout Europe, to speak with requesters “about the importance of AI in sentiment analysis and content creation.” The team has also discussed video tagging, AI-centric matchmaking, and the future of AI with with potential partners across Europe.

Other events attended include the World Blockchain Summit in London, IP EXPO Nordic, the Future of Trust Summit, and the NEO Black Sea Hackathon.

On November 15th and 16th, Effect.AI will attend the Erasmus-Descartes Conference in Paris, and were chosen by the Dutch government to represent The Netherlands at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The full September report can be read at the link below:

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