Moonlight has released a progress report for the month of September, which primarily focuses on general business updates. Moonlight is a decentralized workforce platform built on the NEO network that aims to make contract and freelance employment more appealing to both contributors and project owners. The platform seeks to develop an alternative approach for project staffing, realization, and compensation to create a distributed workforce.

In recent months, Moonlight’s development team has focused on “platform infrastructure with the deployment of an enterprise-class back-end capable of supporting [its] diverse product roadmap.” Such infrastructural features are designed to meet Moonlight’s product offerings and scaling for future business needs.

The majority of Moonlight’s general development activity currently takes place in private repositories. Moonlight acknowledges this and states “making the repositories open source will be critical to leveraging the initial product offering to hiring contractors to build the subsequent releases.”

Moonlight product designers have conducted interviews with various users to better understand their needs for the platform. Combined with the experience of the development team, Moonlight will use the information gathered to “tune [their] products.” Future information will be released about the interviews conducted.

With regards to the upcoming roadmap, the business team will prepare an updated version with information about “multiple swimlanes and product releases including more definition about specific features and timeline.”

Lastly, the Moonlight team recently moderated the NEO Singapore Meetup and aims to continue building upon a professional relationship with the maintainers of that community.

The full report can be read at the following link:

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