Quarteria, a project on the NEO blockchain which aims to offer real estate listings, purchases, renting, and auctions via smart contract, will be listed on Switcheo Exchange. Trading of Quarteria’s PROQ token will begin on October 10th, 2018, at 12:00 SGT (UTC+8). Switcheo will be offering markets with PROQ/NEO, PROQ/GAS, and PROQ/SWTH trading pairs.


Quarteria’s decentralized model hopes to conduct transactions of real estate using smart contracts to limit the use of trusted third parties. Specialized arbitrators will be responsible for dispute resolution and document certification.

Quarteria’s demo/MVP is available at the following link:  http://quarteria-dapp.herokuapp.com/


Switcheo is the first decentralized exchange to operate on the NEO blockchain’s MainNet. Decentralized cross-chain trading, between assets located on the NEO, Ethereum, and QTUM blockchains, is currently under development.

Switcheo’s listing announcement can be viewed in full at the following link: https://medium.com/switcheo/switcheo-lists-quarteria-proq-5cc62f5ab249

More information on the Quarteria and Switcheo projects are available through the links below.