Endorsit has published the 30th edition of its weekly update series. The report focused on the progress of its decentralized application, the events the team attended, its IWallic application and finally an update on its October incentive program.

Endorsit’s decentralized application underwent numerous changes and bug fixes. An iterative update for the app on Android devices was rolled out last week which claims to adaptively match to different Android models of different system versions; the closed version was updated to 0.3.1.

Other updates were made to the application’s user mode account access settings and account limit configurations. These changes coincide with support for the registration of Chinese mobile phone numbers. A key function was also added that will allow users to unlock restricted accounts by paying EDS.

Global Ecological Alliance and South Korea Strategic Layout Conference

Endorsit attended the Global Ecological Alliance and South Korea Strategic Layout Conference that was held in Seoul, South Korea. At the event, Yufeng Wang, CEO of Fengkou Technology – which is a domestic operating company of Endorsit – delivered a keynote speech regarding the development of Endorsit’s decentralization application and its future direction.

At the event, Wang stated that the speculative outlook for decentralized applications “remains strong,” with a high future profit orientation. However, due to the high costs and development lead time for these apps, the daily number of active applications remains low.

The key theme of Wang’s speech underlined the importance of data and how it will affect the Endorsit ecosystem and beyond.

IWallic Application Back Online

In conjunction with the identity management platform ExChain, Endorsit released the IWallic (love my wallet) application for managing users NEO, GAS and NEP-5 token assets. The application currently supports Chinese users on Android and is in public beta (v1.2.1).

Some functions of the wallet were disabled temporarily on November 6, due to what Endorsit describes as an “adjustment” to the blockchain network. Users reportedly experienced issues such as the inability to see their wallet balances or transfer tokens between addresses. These issues have been fixed at the time of writing.

The team gave some advice to users who are still experiencing problems. Uninstalling the old version of the wallet file and reinstalling to the latest version should return things to normal.

For other questions regarding the latest fix, users can contact the Endorsit team on WeChat id: zanwozlh.

The IWallic can be downloaded here.

EDS Reward Doubled for October Author Incentive Program

Endorsit has doubled the reward for all authors who participated in October’s Author Incentive Program, increasing the total amount dispensed to 10 million EDS. Due to an issue during distribution, authors received double the intended reward, caused by an over-issued transaction failure notice. Endorsit has therefore decided to double the reward for all promotion activities during this period.