The GrantShares DAO has seen a variety of activity over the past few weeks, with a diverse range of new submitted proposals. Of the four active proposals submitted in June, three have received a quorum of votes from GrantShares members, one of which has been executed with funds distributed. Additionally, a diverse range of new proposals have been submitted over the past few weeks.

To promote widespread awareness of the DAO, GrantShares members will participate in regular Twitter Space episodes, dubbed “Shill Your Proposal.” These informal events will provide an open venue for users to discuss the DAO and proposals. The first episode will take place at 16:00 (UTC) on July 20.

Initial Submissions

In previous Neo News Today coverage, four funding proposals were introduced: one for development of the Forthewin NEP hub, one for the Web3 Italia community, a proposal for a comprehensive N3 development course, and a funding request for an auto-compounding wrapper around NEO/bNEO tokens.

All four of these proposals were committed to the N3 blockchain between July 3-8. The latter three received endorsement from a GrantShares member, marking the beginning of the voting period. In the time since, each endorsed project has exceeded the five vote minimum which is necessary to signify acceptance of the proposal by the DAO.

Voting for the developer course and Web3 Italia community proposals will complete within 24 hours of the time of press. After a brief delay, these proposals will be open for execution by their respective authors, which will trigger the release of associated funds.

As the first of the three to be endorsed, the voting period for the auto-compounding NEO has already been completed, with the proposal executed on July 18. The 500 NEO in requested funds for development of the project was released in the process.

New Proposals

Discussions are currently open to all participants for four new proposals. These submissions touch on a number of different topics, each touting its own advantages and benefits for the Neo ecosystem.

Two-Token Economy Analysis

The first of these new proposals was sent in by Nicola Dimitri, Professor of Economics at the University of Siena in Italy. Dimitri requested 3790 NEO to fund production of a research paper over a 12 month period. Citing interest in Neo’s two-token model, the paper will detail the platform’s tokenomics using the Representative Agent model.

The proposed research would explore the functions of the internal market for trading NEO tokens for GAS, and the forces determining their exchange rate, in addition to the ability for a NEO holder to influence governance.

Cross-project NFT Fusions

The second proposal was opened by TOTHEMOON developer digimbyte, requesting 1000 NEO to fund development and operation of an opt-in service that enables NFT fusing and unfusing capabilities, as demonstrated in the recent TOTHEMOON and Forthewin collaboration.

The project is scoped to promote cross-project interactions and NFT utility in the Neo ecosystem, with the intent to improve the value to NFT owners and help avoid asset stagnation.

Neo Spanish Courses

Third in the list of new proposals is a request for 1700 NEO tokens for production of development courses in the Spanish language. Submitted by computer engineer Néstor Campos, the proposal includes three main milestones, each estimated to take one month to deliver.

The first milestone would see development of an initial basic course, introducing blockchain and NEO while providing GitHub resources and social publication. Next is a second course, demonstrating development of a decentralized application, and the final milestone involves meetups, giving Spanish builders the opportunity to learn about Neo in person.

UsePAY Social Commerce

The final of the recent submissions comes from UsePAY, a cryptocurrency-based social commerce platform. After being introduced to Neo at Consensus 2022 in Austin, the team has requested 5000 NEO to begin integrating the UsePAY service with the Neo N3 blockchain, though the team noted the requested budget would likely not be sufficient to fully fund the integration.

The UsePAY organization is operated by DFM Eco Inc, a blockchain development company that strives to promote adoption of cryptocurrency as a replacement for cash payments. The team has also produced a smart contract-based self-custody wallet and integrated the UsePAY dAppp with Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Klaytn.

A full list of new and existing proposals can be found via the GrantShares dashboard at the link below: