Neo Global Development is partnering with Draper University to provide selected Neo ecosystem projects with a five-week blockchain entrepreneurship program. Several new and existing N3 ecosystem projects will join the pre-accelerator and incubator, which runs from July 18 to Aug. 21, 2022. The project teams joining the program included Metaisland, Pumpkin Swap, Hacash.Diamond, Rentfuse, Humswap, Bowerbird, GhostMarket, Supernova, Blockchain Cuties, Ilex, Greenfinch, NeoDao, Bamboo, neo-artistic, and ForthewinNetwork.

To kick off the program, Neo founder Da Hongfei and prominent Bitcoin and VC investor Tim Draper will participate in a panel entitled, Insights Sharing on Blockchain Entrepreneurship. The event takes place on the official Neo YouTube channel beginning at 3:00 p.m. (UTC) on Monday, July 18.

Neo is collaborating with iNeuron to host HACK-A-Thon 5.0, an in-person event that begins at 4:30 a.m. (UTC) on Saturday, July 23, 2022, in India. The hosts will give participants a problem statement that must be solved in 24 hours. Participants will compete for approximately US $6,300 in prizes. The event is taking place at the iNeuron office in Bengaluru, India, and there is no cost to register.

Neospective round 2 concluded with RABBITO winning first place, Foxa winning second place, and BeeNeo winning third place.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released episode 10 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Dr. Wendy Charles, CSO of BurstIQ. Discussion topics included her background in health policy and compliance, how blockchain technology improves health industry practices, the increasing rights individuals have over their health data, how COVID changed healthcare appointments, the growing changes in how organizations and governments view blockchain, and more!

The Mega Oasis NFT marketplace‘s series III and IV will feature a 16-piece Ilex Genesis NFT and Poleman Avatar collections. The launch date for the third and fourth series on Mega Oasis has not yet been announced, but the pricing tiers and more information about the NFT utility were released.

GrantShares Proposals

Four GrantShares funding proposals were introduced in early July 2022: one for the development of the Forthewin NEP hub, one for the Web3 Italia community, a proposal for a comprehensive N3 development course, and a funding request for an auto-compounding wrapper around NEO/bNEO tokens. All four proposals were committed to the N3 blockchain between July 3 and 8, 2022. The latter three received endorsement from a GrantShares member and have exceeded the five vote minimum which is necessary for acceptance of the proposal by the DAO.

In the time since, there have been four additional proposals submitted to GrantShares. First, a professor of Economics at the University of Siena in Italy requested funding to produce a research paper over 12 months. The second proposal seeks to fund the development and operation of an opt-in service that enables NFT fusing and unfusing capabilities. The third is a request to support the production of Spanish language development courses. And, the fourth proposal seeks to fund UsePAY, a cryptocurrency-based social commerce platform.

Developer Groups

NGD Enterprise released v3.3.27 of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, which included updates to JSON-RPC clients.


July 11, ForthewinNetwork launched the Double Farm feature on its DeFi platform, which allows liquidity providers to earn two tokens as LP rewards.

July 12, Mega Oasis artist, Zhenchen Liu, exhibited artwork from the Meta Panacea series in Shenyang, China, the first stop on a multi-city tour.

July 13, GhostMarket launched the Trading Incentives Program and is distributing 6.5 million GM tokens (6.5% of total supply) over the next year. An additional 1.8 million GM tokens will be distributed to what GhostMarket refers to as “OG Users,” which includes anyone that used the NFT marketplace before July 18, 2022. The initial rewards are part of a larger 50 million token pool that will be distributed via other means such as future trading programs and staking incentives.

July 16, GhostMarket hosted a Reddit AMA, where discussion topics included protocols to detect wash trading, plans for the platform’s ranking system, a seven-year runway for the GM token reward program, and more.

Token Listings

GM listed on the Uniswap non-custodial exchange.


July 20: AxLabs is hosting a GrantShares “ShillYourProposal” Twitter Space.