GhostMarket has updated its N3 trading contract with support for royalties defined at the contract level. The feature is now live on MainNet and makes it easy for NFT contract owners to apply royalties across an entire collection without requiring any modifications to their smart contracts.

Prior to the update, the marketplace supported royalties defined at the level of each individual NFT. This allowed issuers to vary the royalty percentage and recipients depending on the token being exchanged. These NFT-level royalties are retrieved by GhostMarket through the use of a custom method, which would need to be implemented in the NFT contract.

After implementing the method and registering the NFT contract with GhostMarket’s trading contract, the marketplace could retrieve the royalty values and recipients from the NFT contract. The royalty settings for a given token can then be honored in any trade of the token on GhostMarket.

Following the update, NFT contract owners can instead choose to define royalties at the collection level. These royalties are registered directly with GhostMarket’s trading contract, requiring no special logic in the NFT contract, and are applied across all tokens issued by the contract. The feature also allows for multiple royalty recipients/percentages to be defined at once.

Once enabled, contract-level royalties supersede any royalties that were defined at the level of each individual NFT. They can be set directly via the GhostMarket platform (when connected with a contract owner wallet) or manually by interacting with the trading contract.

More information on how to set up contract-level royalties on N3 can be found at the link below: