Neo successfully deployed the latest NeoCLI node version to the T5 TestNet and MainNet. The new update addresses stability issues detected during testing of v3.3.0, including long sync times and execution failures under load. Node runners are encouraged to update to v3.3.1 and fully resync the chain data. Asset holders do not need to take any actions for the update.

Neo Global Development released two articles entitled 6 Things You Didn’t Know about the Polaris Plus Teams, which asked teams about the story behind their project’s name, what inspired their project, and other questions. The first article focuses on the following projects: NeoDao, Bowerbird, DAO Cake,, and SOMNIUMWAVE. The second focuses on the following: Find Truman, DogeRift, Gitter.Network, Feedio, and Neo-Effisend.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today released episode eight of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Odd Røland and Adrian Fjellberg, maintainers of Flamingo Finance. Discussion topics included their background in Web 2, the shifting mindsets people have in their relationships with finance, cross-chain and other features on Flamingo’s roadmap, the FLUND staking token, how meme coins can activate an ecosystem, and more.

NNT released an overview of Neo’s presence at Consensus 2022, where visitors had the chance to learn about the Neo N3 platform, talk to community representatives, and play the Chest Game to win prizes using paper wallets provided at the booth. Embedded within the article is a demo of the interactive Chest Game given by COZ CEO Tyler Adams, as well as interviews of key Neo opinion leaders who were in attendance: John deVadoss of NGD Enterprise, Lili Zhao from NGD, and AxLabs co-founder Guil. Sperb Machado.

NNT released a series of Polaris features, highlighting the grand prize winners from the recently concluded Polaris Launchpad hackathon.

NeoDao won the Best DAO award with its toolkit and Javascript library, and website portal for building DAOs without any coding experience. The toolkit and library offer a package consisting of the typical DAO operations required by blockchain, like maintaining member lists and progressing proposals, thus reducing the necessity for a developer’s expertise in blockchain programming. The EZ DAO Builder allows web developers to integrate a DAO creation module, which utilizes the Greenfinch API built on NeoFS.

Greenfinch won the Best Infrastructure Project by incorporating the NeoFS distributed storage network into its decentralized Dropbox-like application. The Greenfinch GUI allows users to upload and access files stored on NeoFS through an easy-to-use desktop application.

Bamboo won the Best General Project with its SocialFi platform that aims to bridge traditional web and blockchain. Bamboo seeks to integrate Web2 and Web3 by attaching users’ social media accounts to character NFTs. Users mint digital pet NFTs that will grow over time the platform activity and care from their owners. Each time a user attaches an additional social media account to their wallet, they’ll mint a new pet NFT.

Pumpkin Swap won the Best DeFi project award with its Uniswap-like DEX that allows users to create liquidity pools and provide liquidity with minimal fees. Pumpkin Swap aims to be the first non-custodial exchange on the Neo N3 blockchain that allows users to create liquidity pools with bespoke tokens as LP rewards.

DogeRift won the award for the Best Metaverse and NFT project with its GameFi app built on Neo N3. The released version of the play-to-earn game will incorporate non-fungible, governance, and utility tokens into its gaming universe. Players can use character NFTs in Dogerift to participate in a 3D world and earn tokens to improve gameplay. Two of the GameFi platform’s tokens, DOGER and DOGEF, have already launched on N3 and are available via Flamingo’s reverse pools.

Developer Groups

AxLabs officially launched the GrantShares DAO on MainNet. GrantShares is a transparent DAO that allows any community member to open proposals. The platform serves as a decentralized funding channel, enabling grants for all kinds of Neo ecosystem development, including designing, advertising, networking, and project development.

COZ released boa v0.11.3, which included full support for Python 3.10, and a bug correction on the import function.


June 13, Binance opened withdrawals of the NEP-17 FLM token.

June 14, TOTHEMOON reduced the total supply of its Item NFTs and released an overview of its resource tokens. The guide describes the total supply and use cases for five NEP-17 resource tokens for which the contracts were recently published to Neo N3. Resource tokens are required for building Moon Infrastructure and will also be associated with specific NFTs for additional benefits.

July 14, Everstake released a guide for using the O3 Wallet, written in Mandarin.

June 14, Forthewin Network launched the IDO for the NEP token, a governance token used to vote on Forthewin platform development that can also be used across the various dApps in the Forthewin ecosystem.

June 15, GhostMarket integrated support for royalties at the contract level. The feature is now live on MainNet and makes it easy for NFT contract owners to apply royalties across an entire collection without requiring any modifications to their smart contracts.

June 16, NudesToken released updates to its meme-to-earn website, which included new functionalities such as Twitter login, commenting, referral links, and more ways to spend and earn tokens. The Nudes Army meme site offers a platform for users to submit meme content and receive NEP-17 NUDES tokens in return for upvotes from other users. Likewise, users can spend NUDES to downvote meme content submissions.

June 16, Poly Network released a transcript of the AMA held with O3 Labs Communications Director Matt Powers. In the AMA, Powers discussed the history of O3 Labs, the O3 interchange, what the team examines when adding support for new chains, and more.

June 17, OneGate stated the team will airdrop two GAS to the top 25 users that trade for NEO or GAS using the Inst.Pay feature on the mobile or web wallet.

June 17, NeoLine upgraded its Chrome extension wallet with a range of new features, including an updated wallet detail page, the ability to add private Neo networks, and support for Ledger hardware devices.

June 18, Hacash Diamonds distributed 25 GAS to the founding members of the 1H1B DAO.


June 22: GhostMarket to host live Twitter Spaces from NFT NYC.
June 28: The Polaris Plus phase of the Polaris Launchpad concludes.
June 30: GhostMarket’s Neo blockchain art competition concludes.