DogeRift has won the award for the Best Metaverse and NFT project in the Polaris Launchpad hackathon with its GameFi app built on Neo N3. The released version of the play-to-earn game will incorporate non-fungible, governance, and utility tokens into its gaming universe.

The DogeRift team comprises game developers with years of combined experience building PC games on the Steam platform. During the last seven years, the team has published over 20 games. Examples can be found on the Just1337 Studio Steam profile and the EGamer Games website, and include two of their most popular creations, Slash It and Slash It 2. In a conversation with Neo News Today, the DogeRift team said:

We have built various types of games to acquire knowledge in various gaming fields, which made us comfortable providing good and fun gaming experiences. We have over two million downloads of our games and many communities on the Steam platform.

About Dogerift

Players can use character NFTs in Dogerift to participate in a 3D world and earn tokens to improve gameplay. Two of the GameFi platform’s tokens, DOGER and DOGEF, have already launched on N3 and are available via Flamingo’s reverse pools.

To access and play the game, users must first purchase DogeRift NFTs, which will be available in a future marketplace. In May 2021, the team sold out its first Bored Doge Club NFT mint in just over six hours and burnt 2.5% of the DOGER supply. Initially, NFT holders will be eligible for other NFT and DOGEF token airdrops, but DogeRift has intimated there will also be future use cases.

The development team focuses on modern gameplay, quality graphics, and social aspects (i.e., voice/text chat, friend lists, multiplayer, co-op play). Characters can move through a 3D world, travel through portals, interact with other live avatars, and play games against each other.

The team intends to release a beta version of DogeRift that will feature one player-vs-player game and two player-vs-environment games. The PvP game is a soccer-like game where 3D characters will be able to dribble, pass, and shoot a ball into the opponent’s goal. Initially, the game will be 1-v-1, but has a planned expansion of up to 3-v-3 as the community grows. The PvE game will integrate various exploration activities, puzzle-solving, defeating enemies, and jumping quests.

Once these initial three games have launched, the DogeRift team intends to release patch updates at a weekly cadence to add new content and improve gameplay mechanics.

The Neo Developer Experience

The Neo blockchain had been on the DogeRift team’s radar for years, even prior to the Polaris Launchpad. The team’s proficiency in the C# language made Neo a good fit. DogeRift said:

We find that developing on the Neo platform is great. We are experienced C# developers, and Neo supporting development in that language helped us a lot. It made the development fast and reliable. The smart contracts are very easy to make and deploy. The documentation and the community are awesome. We didn’t run into any problems that couldn’t be resolved in a fast matter.

Neo’s developer community was on hand to provide insight and resources to the development team during the Polaris Launchpad hackathon. The DogeRift team members are excited about the opportunity to share their learned experiences and become part of the ecosystem’s developer collective. They said, “Many people are working on various projects and sharing the knowledge with other users, and we think that it is the best way to continue the Neo blockchain development. We are very happy that we are a part of that community now.”

The DogeRift project was awarded a multiplier of 1.5x from the Polaris Launchpad Planathon event, and won a total grand prize equivalent to US $52,500.

To learn more about DogeRift visit the link below: