Guardian Circle has rebranded its token from Guardium to Guard. Guardian Circle is a decentralized personal safety network that alerts friends, family, and local responders if an individual signals an alert for help. The platform will allow users to stake native GUARD tokens to have access to the network, and to reward responders for answering calls for assistance.

With the rebranding effort is an update to Guard’s social media accounts and website. The new site for the Guard project is

The rebranding efforts will not effect token holders, and the ticker symbol will remain GUARD. In correspondence with NEO News Today, co-founder and CTO Chris Hayes stated, “the rebrand is purely a communication change, tokens all remain untouched.”

Project Update

In addition to its rebranding efforts, Guard discussed its development updates, token listings, and the launch of Guard 3.0 in its December video update.

The Guard API infrastructure has been developed and will allow alert device manufacturers to connect their devices to the platform. The project will use the Apache Cassandra database, which will provide the ability for the platform to handle large amounts of data across many servers; removing single points of failure. Companies such as Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and Twitter are among those who use this technology.

In addition to the API, the Guard team is also working on the iOS version of the mobile application. Guard will work on solidifying the iOS user interface before moving onto the Android app.

With regards to a lack of GUARD token listings on centralized exchanges, Guard founder, Mark Jeffrey, stated the large exchanges hadn’t listed NEP-5 tokens because of technical difficulties with NEO nodes. He went onto to say that NEO developers are aware of the issue and have been developing solutions. Changes implemented the NEO-CLI v 2.9.2 update will help alleviate some of these problems.

Lastly, Guard 3.0 is tentatively scheduled to launch in January of 2019. Guardian Circle recently released a general overview of the Guard 3.0 ecosystem, and how the GUARD token will be used for staking and services. A launch date has yet to be announced.