Jarvis+, a natural language platform aiming to offer Conversation-as-a-Service to enable the creation of smart contracts and other complex tasks with spoken language, has released its weekly report covering progress made in the week beginning December 3rd, 2018.

AI Contest with Microsoft

Jarvis+ says that it has “confirmed” that it will hold an upcoming AI contest with Microsoft in Jinan, China. Previously this year, on August 9th and 10th, Jinan was the site of the “First China Computer Federation International Conference on Artificial Intelligence,” which Microsoft sponsored. Dr. Ming Zhou from Microsoft Research Asia gave a keynote presentation at the conference.

Jarvis+ is developing “data and scoring standards” as well as test frameworks for the upcoming competition.

Research and Development

Jarvis+ has engaged in another week of training its artificial intelligence and neural networking models. Its automatic bot creation system, KOL corpus, and CNN model (convolutional neural network, a class of deep neural network that is most commonly applied to analysis of visual imagery) all underwent bug fixes and further testing.

News broadcasting services were also added to the Jarvis+ Telegram community, which is currently rebroadcasting cryptocurrency news and opinion from sites across the Internet. The Jarvis+ bots are also running a Group Quiz trivia game, and a UEFA Champions League-themed prediction game on the channel.

The full Jarvis+ weekly update can be found at the following link: https://medium.com/@stephenxc_85952/jarvis-s-weekly-report-2018-12-03-12-09-90cc66695556