NEO Name Service (NNS), a domain name service for wallet addresses on the NEO blockchain, has released instructions for NNC token holders to claim CGAS dividends using a Ledger hardware wallet. NNS has recently transitioned to a manual claiming system due to concerns that its CGAS airdrop to all NNC holders was causing congestion on the NEO blockchain. Directions for manually claiming NNC for those not using hardware wallets will also be outlined in this article.

Developer NewEconoLabs says that the CGAS dividends “will be distributed within one week following your claim.”

According to NNS, users that have not yet received their CGAS will need to manually apply for the CGAS dividends in the near future. CGAS dividends from the current period will be unavailable to claim after the next NNC snapshot is taken. The date of the next dividend snapshot, which has not yet been determined, will be announced “in advance” on the NEO Name Service Twitter account.

Ledger Users

Those users who held NNC in a Ledger wallet address when the snapshot was taken on October 30th, 2018, will need to go to the following Google form and enter the public NEO address of their Ledger wallet:

Non-Hardware Wallets

Those NNC holders not using hardware wallets should take the following steps to claim their CGAS dividends:

  • Log into the NEL web-based NEO wallet at
  • Click the “NNS(.neo)” heading
  • Click the “Bonus” subheading
  • Click the blue “Apply” button next to the “Dividends Claimable” amount displayed on the page.

Further details about the NNC Ledger claiming process can be seen on the NEO Name Service Twitter page, located at