United States-based media platform, Narrative, have announced the release of its “Network Stats” page. The development is a small step in Narrative’s updated project roadmap, which outlines the steps to a March 2019 release of the Narrative beta. Narrative states the coming months will show incremental releases “that will serve as building blocks for the network.”

The release of the “reputation” statistic, which adjusts the impact of each user’s votes on the Narrative platform, is also planned for December of 2018.

Network Stats

According to Narrative’s stats page, the total member count on the Narrative alpha is over 5,500 as of this writing. In addition, 276 different ownerd have purchased 678 niches (content topics).

The network statistics page joins Narrative’s recently released moderator center on the checklist of developed features. Open user registrations, content publishing, ratings, and user comments are all planned for the upcoming beta, whose development was also discussed in a NEO News Today interview with co-founder Brian Lenz.

Narrative’s full Network Stats announcement can be viewed here: https://blog.narrative.network/network-stats-release-is-live-6b9337cb3095