BlaCat is a blockchain gaming platform that aims to ease the transition to blockchain for game developers through the use of dApp software development kits. BlaCat is affiliated with NewEconoLabs, and was responsible for the NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition. The BlaCat team also released their own NEO blockchain game using non-fungible tokens, CryptoGladiator.

Through decentralization, BlaCat aims to foster a gaming community where virtual assets cannot be diminished in value by arbitrary game modifications made by developers. As with most existing game platforms, BlaCat has created an account system where users can sign-up to purchase services, socialize with each other or interact by writing reviews for games. The highest rated games will have access to more promotional opportunities, so the community itself will curate content on the platform.

BlaCat seeks to make playing blockchain games a seamless experience. This is achieved by providing developers with software development kits, allowing them to build interactions with the blockchain into games, but without forcing users to jump through hoops to access that functionality. The BlaCat wallet will be embedded in all games on the platform, so players will only require a single wallet.

BlaCat’s Founder Sean Chen commented on the benefits of blockchain technology for gaming, such as:

  • Using non-fungible assets to allow the trading of in-game items
  • Writing key game rules and core data to the blockchain to ensure fairness and openness
  • Running background logic on the blockchain, using smart contracts to fully decentralize the application


The BlaCat gaming platform is divided into two main components; the NEO sidechain ZoroChain, and the BlaCat application. Users will interface with the BlaCat application where they can use the wallet, access games and trade virtual assets on the market. ZoroChain provides the infrastructure required by those games.

ZoroChain is designed to be a high performance sidechain to NEO. Most blockchain networks are not capable of realtime gaming due to the delay between blocks. On ZoroChain, each application will have its own application chain, which supports instant block generation to allow efficient responses to transaction requests. These application chains can be created on-demand.

ZoroChain aims to achieve a transaction response time of 300ms or less, which would allow the network to reach far beyond the turn-based limitations of existing solutions. The launch is set to occur in November, with support for multiple consensus mechanisms which can be optimized and adjusted on the fly to ensure a low latency gaming experience for the user.

Upcoming Launches and Airdrop

According to a recent update on BlaCat’s medium page, the BlaCat platform will officially launch in November. Alongside the launch, an initial batch of 27 blockchain games will be released, featuring titles developed as part of the first NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition.

Amongst the initial game launches is CardMaker, which achieved the ‘Best Game Award’ due to its delivery of the “best gaming experience across all creative and technical fields” as judged by NEO founder Erik Zhang, NEL founder Yongxin Lui and NGC founder Wayne Zhu.

As part of the NEO 2 year anniversary celebrations, BlaCat has also announced an airdrop that will run from October 17th to October 19th. BlaCat will drop 50 BCP tokens (which can be used with all BlaCat games) to users that follow these steps:

  1. Follow the BlaCat Twitter.
  2. Join the BlaCat Telegram
  3. Complete the Google sign-up form

The BCP airdrop will be sent 5 days after the BlaCat platform is officially launched.

More information on BlaCat can be found at the links below.